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Creating an Attractive and Appealing Baby Shower Invitation

When you send a baby shower invitation, you’re doing more than just giving information about the date, time and place of the shower. You're also giving guests a sense of what to expect, whether the event will be formal or casual, and what kind of theme they can expect. Fortunately, there are many ways to create attractive and appealing baby shower invitations.

You can, of course, purchase baby shower invitations at your local stationery store or mega mart. But why be limited? These days, you find so many designs and options online that you no longer need to be limited by what your local merchants offer.

When it comes to invitations, you have essentially four options:

  • You can order printed invitations.
  • You can purchase invitations that you fill out.
  • You can purchase do-it-yourself invitations and print them yourself.
  • You can do something entirely creative.

Ordering printed invitations is a great way to save time. When you’re searching for invitations, don't limit yourself just to baby shower invitation categories. There are a number of attractive birthday and wedding designs that would work just as well for a baby shower. For example, a wedding invitation with a damask background would work just as well as for a formal baby shower invitation. Choose some creative wording, a complementary ink color and you're ready to go.

In addition, most stationery stores and mega marts offer packages of baby shower invitations that come with blank spaces for you to fill out. This category probably represents the largest market share. If you take your time to choose an attractive design, these invitations can be very cute – and very easy to put together. Use a complementary ink color when filling out the invitations, and make sure your handwriting is legible. You might also add some extra oomph to the invitation by including a hand written note or by tossing in some baby shower themed confetti.

If you’re creative or know someone who is, you can purchase do-it-yourself invitation kits. These usually include blank invitations and matching envelopes. You just come up with your wording – samples are usually provided – and print the invitations using your laser printer. As you’ll soon see, there are a variety of different kits available to suit your shower theme.

Or, if you want invitations that are attractive and appealing, choose to do something original. For example, you might print an invitation and stuff it inside a plastic baby bottle, along with some baby shower themed confetti or other small decorative items, like plastic diaper pins. Tie a ribbon around the bottle and slip it in a mailing tube. You can bet that any guest that receives that invitation will clear space on her calendar!

If you know that the other guests coming to the baby shower are also creative, try sending them a solid color onesie along with their invitation and ask them to decorate it in some fashion and bring it along with their gift. You'll be giving the mother to be a wonderful gift and all of the guests show up just to see how the different onesies turned out!

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