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Complete Information on the E.P.T. Pregnancy Test

If you’re looking for an easy to use, inexpensive and accurate home pregnancy test, the tests offered by E.P.T. are a good choice. The E.P.T. brand makes two different types of tests – the Plus/Minus test is a standard pregnancy test that provides result displayed with either one or two lines, with one being a negative result and two being a positive result. E.P.T.’s second offering, the CERTAINTY test, is a digital pregnancy test that has a results window where either “pregnant” or “not pregnant” will appear.

Both tests contain an absorbent material in a plastic housing that has been preloaded with certain enzymes. One of the enzymes reacts in the presence of urine, which represents the part of the test that gives you the control or single line in the Plus/Minus test, and lets you know that the test is working properly. In the CERTAINTY test, you’ll see a flashing “Test Ready” indicator to let you know that the test is working properly.

The second enzyme in the testing kit reacts in the presence of hCG – human chorionic gonadotropin hormone – which is produced in a woman's body when she conceives. If detectable amounts of hCG are present, the second enzyme reacts. This results in the second, positive pregnancy line in the Plus/Minus test, and the “pregnant” display in the CERTAINTY test window. If hCG is not detected, you’ll receive only a single line in the Plus/Minus test and a “not pregnant” display in the CERTAINTY test window.

Home pregnancy tests vary in their accuracy, but when performed correctly, E.P.T. brand tests are 99% accurate. Short of actually seeing your baby on an ultrasound, you’d be hard pressed to find a test that provides a greater degree of accuracy, even at your doctor’s office, as home pregnancy tests use the same technology as the tests used in medical laboratories. The chief difference between tests at home and in your doctor’s office is that, in medical laboratories, they regularly run control samples to verify accuracy.

Using either brand of E.P.T. pregnancy test is simple and straightforward. These tests are designed to be taken on the day you expect your period for best results. To complete the test, you may either hold the absorbent tip of the test in your urine stream for 5 to 7 seconds or collect a urine sample in a clean container and hold the absorbent tip of the test in the collected urine for the prescribed amount of time – 15 seconds for the CERTAINTY test, and 20 seconds for the Plus/Minus test. After the tip has been saturated with urine, keep the absorbent tip facing downward and place the test on a flat surface with the results window facing upwards. The Plus/Minus test will be ready to read within two minutes and the CERTAINTY test will display its result within three minutes.

Be sure to follow testing instructions carefully and your E.P.T. home pregnancy test will give you its answer to one of your life's more important questions.

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