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Baby Shower Activity: Add Fun To The Shower Event

Baby shower activity is something that adds fun and entertainment to the baby shower event. If you plan these activities properly, you can make your baby shower fabulous and memorable for ever.

The Importance Of Baby Shower Activity

When you create the guest list for your baby shower, you will probably see that you have gathered together an eclectic group of family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church friends. It is not surprising if the most of them do not know each other. A baby shower activity can work as an ice-breaker. If you plan the activity properly, you can easily get everyone laughing and comfortable.

Guess The Cost

One of the wonderful ideas for a baby shower activity is the game where the guest has to guess the price of a particular object. In order to plan this activity, first you need to gather together a grab bag of baby items - wipes, diapers, baby food, and baby wash from the local grocery store or drug store. Do not forget to keep the receipt. Now, print up lists of everything in the bag - one for each guest. Now, ask them to guess the price of each item. Of course, the winner is the one who is closest to the correct total. You can add more fun to this activity by gifting the shopping bag to the mom to be. After all, baby shower is just another name for the pregnancy celebration.

Feeding Time

Feeding time is another great baby shower activity. For this activity, you need to first fill up one 4 ounce bottle for each male at the baby shower with a palatable drink, like juice. Now, ask each guy to drink from his bottle and not stop until it is empty. Of course, the winner is the one who finishes first.

Primetime Parenting

Primetime Parenting is also a wonderful baby shower activity. For this activity, you first need to make a list of your favorite shows, leaving the correct number of blanks for the number of children in each show. Now ask each of the guests at the shower to try to fill in all the blanks - of course correctly. Of course, the winner will be the one with the most correct answers.

You must remember that your purpose to organize the baby shower is to celebrate the upcoming new arrival in the family - to celebrate the new life. Therefore, until everyone is laughing and enjoying, the baby shower cannot be treated as successful. So, no matter what kind of baby shower activity you choose, make sure that everyone is included.

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