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Extraordinary Baby Shower Cake Ideas

If you want your baby shower to be remembered, you have to choose something more memorable than your typical “Welcome Baby!” baby shower cake. You need something different. The following are some ideas that can take your cake to the next level.

Step One – Don’t put an edible baby on your cake. Babies are cute. But while most of us are willing to bite into a duck or teddy bear, biting into a baby is just wrong. If you need to adorn the cake with a baby, choose a plastic figurine or an actual baby doll.

Step Two – Look at the theme and decorations you’ve chosen. These were no doubt chosen with an eye towards the mother's likes and dislikes, and the tone you want to set. Is the mood formal or playful? Are you using pastels or bright colors? Does the theme or design of the shower lend itself to a design? For example, if the napkins feature baby booties, do you want to incorporate baby booties into the cake design? Keep these things in mind as you look at baby shower cake ideas.

Next, consider whether you want the cake to be covered with frosting or if fondant is okay. This will make a big difference because there are some things that are just plain harder – if not impossible – to do without fondant. There are some other options, such as using gum paste for flowers – talk to your baker about the best way to execute the design you have in mind.

Step Three (also known as “Here Comes the Fun Part”) – Now it's time to look at some different cakes and start coming up with ideas for your own. Try combining multiple ideas. For example, baby blocks are a classic design. Try spelling out the baby's name, or putting animals on the faces of the blocks. Look at ideas that are three dimensional, such as a baby carriage that actually stands on legs, using wedding cake supports to create the illusion. Ask the mother-to-be if you can look at her wedding pictures and think about incorporating a design element from her wedding cake. Monograms are always classy and they’re a good choice if the parents have already chosen a name. Consider something strikingly simple, like a cake covered with chocolate ganache with the word “baby” written in lower case cursive letters in white icing.

When you’re looking for inspiration, look at baby shower cakes but don't stop there. Look at all different kinds of cake for inspiration. That wedding cake with the lovely scroll work can be adapted to a work as a shower cake. That boy's train birthday party cake might make a good cake for a shower welcoming a baby boy, or that princess birthday cake with crown might be perfect to welcome a new baby princess. If you find several cakes you like, but no one overall winner, take pictures of several cakes to your bakery and ask them for their suggestions.

Most importantly, remember to have a cake that tastes good. The design will live on in pictures, and hopefully, the deliciousness of your cake will live on in your guests' memories.

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