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How to Write Baby Shower Thank You Cards

When you’re the guest of honor at a baby shower, you may become so overwhelmed by people's generosity that you find yourself speechless. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to find yourself speechless when it comes time to write your think you cards, and that just won't do. The following is a simple formula that can help you write your baby shower thank you cards after your big event.

First of all, remember that all thank you cards should be written by hand – this is one time when you just can't use email. You can purchase packages of thank you cards at many locations, including stationery stores and large mega marts. You needn't use formal stationery for baby shower thank you cards – this is a great opportunity to choose one of the many fanciful and whimsical baby oriented designs. Make your thank you note writing experience really fun by choosing an ink pen in a coordinating color.

Before you get ready to write your notes, you'll need information on the gift, the gift giver and the address of the gift giver. You should have much of this information available from a list compiled at your baby shower; and your hostess will have everyone’s addresses from sending out the invitations.

Each thank you note should begin with a salutation. Address the gift giver the same way you would when talking to them in person. Therefore, if you call them by their first name in person, then address them by their first name in your thank you card.

After the salutation, thank the giver for the gift. Be specific as to the gift and be complimentary. For example, instead of, “Thank you for the gift,” say “Thank you for the lovely blue fleece baby blanket.” The only exception is if you were given a monetary gift. In this case, it isn’t necessary to mention the amount specifically – just thank the giver for her generosity.

Next, mention something you like about the gift or how you see yourself using the gift. For example, “This shade of blue perfectly matches the baby's car seat and will look wonderful keeping him warm on chilly mornings.”

At this point, you can add a personal comment to the thank you card. For example, you might say, “I am so excited this little one will be here soon and can't wait for you to meet him.” Or, you might say, “Seeing you at the shower was really wonderful; I'm so glad you were able to come and celebrate with me.”

In closing, you can thank the giver again and choose a closing based on your level of intimacy with the giver. “Sincerely” is very formal and impersonal, while “Love” is very personal. Closings such as “Best wishes,” “Thanks again,” and “Fondly,” are less formal and friendly choices. Place the thank you note in an addressed envelope; add a stamp, and this thank you note is ready to go! Keep a list of who needs to receive thank you notes and mark off each note as you complete it.

In addition to these thank you cards, be sure to send a special note of thanks to those who hosted the shower and tell them how much you appreciated their thoughtfulness and hard work. You can include this with a thank you note for their gift if they also gave you a gift.

Finally, plan to complete your thank you notes within a week after your baby shower. If you need help, ask your partner to help you complete the thank you notes and get them in the mail. Try to have all of the thank you notes taken care of before your baby is born – you certainly won’t have time once your bundle of joy arrives!

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