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Baby Shower Favor Ideas – The Key to a Successful Baby Shower

When guests receive an invitation to your baby shower, they spend a lot of time shopping for just the right gift. They look forward to the shower itself with great anticipation. They enjoy showering the happy mother to be with their gifts and sharing with her the joy that having a baby brings. They’ll play games, laugh, eat delicious foods and have a wonderful time. You can make sure they leave the baby shower with more than just wonderful memories by choosing a memorable party favor.

A favor is a tangible remembrance of a shared event, such as a baby or wedding shower, a wedding or a special party. Favors can be a variety of items, from something as simple as a few cookies or a bottle of bubble soap, to a chrome bottle stopper or a crystal paper weight. The only limits you’ll face are your budget and imagination.

If you’re stuck for ideas, consider using your shower theme as an inspiration for the baby shower favor. Nesting and hatching are popular themes, and there are commercial favors available that play up these themes. “About to hatch” chickens are a popular design element for timers, whisks, salt and pepper shakers and other favors. Kitchen timers are also a popular choice for baby shower favors, playing on the waiting aspect of your pregnancy.

The season of the year can also inspire your baby shower favors. Spring and summer favors should be light, bright and colorful, while fall or winter favors can be richer in color and texture. Pots of fresh flowers or flower seeds would make good favors for a spring baby shower, while scarves or holiday themed keepsakes would be fitting for a winter shower.

In general, the favor should be something that the guest will really enjoy receiving. This is one reason why edible favors, such as cookies, candies or chocolates are such a perennial favorite. Shower favors that are useful are also a big hit. In general, the type of favors that are least enjoyed are decorative items. Everyone's decorating taste is different, so it can be hard to think of a decorative accent that will work with the decor of every guest's home. On the other hand, something like a luggage tag, picture frame, bottle stopper, coaster, measuring cup or kitchen timer will always find a useful role and will bring back fond memories when it’s used.

When you’re shopping for baby shower favors, look beyond the party section, although there are hundreds of wonderful ideas to be found there. You can find favor ideas almost anywhere in the store if you have a creative eye. For example, check out your local department store or craft fair – even the dollar store can be a source for great baby shower favors.

Finally, be sure to purchase extra favors so that you'll have a favor to keep for yourself and a few extras on hand for unexpected guests.

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