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Baby Shower Favors Ė Tokens of Love

There are many aspects of planning and hosting a baby shower that very enjoyable Ė from choosing the theme to planning the activities, youíll find plenty of ways to make the event memorable. Choosing the baby shower favors for your guests certainly falls into this category.

First, youíll want to budget to provide a favor for every guest, as well as one for the guest of honor herself. The number of favors you need, along with the amount of money you have to spend, will help determine what type of favors you can choose from. You can choose from inexpensive, do it yourself favors, or more expensive, individually personalized favors. Itís all up to you, your needs and your budget.

If youíre hosting a coupleís shower, youíll want to choose favors that are appropriate for both men and women. You might choose a single favor for everyone or choose separate favors for the men and women. Or, if there will only be couples at the shower, you might choose a favor for each couple rather than for each individual. If you go this route, you can choose a more expensive favor the couple to share, as well as smaller, less expensive individual favors, like candies or scented candles.

Speaking of candies, edible treats are always a popular favor. You can choose something simple, like cookies or candy, or even a bar of chocolate. The packaging you use can be simple or as ornate as you desire. There are a number of favor containers that are inexpensive and that can be personalized using ribbons, tags, charms and stickers. You can even order printed, personalized labels to decorate chocolate bars or use your computer skills to design and print your own.

Sometimes the container itself can turn an ordinary item into a favor appropriate for a baby shower. For example, decorated gift bags make any gift or item more festive. You might also consider using small clean paint cans to hold snack mix Ė in plastic bags, of course Ė and put your own personalized label on the outside. For a creative container, take a small paper bag and holding the front and back together, punch two holes in the top of the bag, about an inch down from the top and two inches apart. Thread a length of ribbon or cord through both holes from the back and tie in a bow on the front. You can choose to further decorate the bag with stickers or rubber stamps.

You can also fill a reusable container, such as a water bottle, mug or even a shot glass with candies to make a fun favor. Your guests will appreciate receiving a gift thatís fun to look at and functional.

Overall, the best favors are the things that guests will enjoy, such as edibles, or will use, such as coasters, picture frames, bottle openers, bottle stoppers or key chains. Favors that are simply decorative often end up being tossed out, especially if they donít fit in with your guestís personal decorating schemes.

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