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Baby Shower Games – Add Fun and Laughter to the Pregnancy Celebration

Playing baby shower games is a wonderful way to help all your guests socialize together. At cocktail parties, people break into small groups and talk, but at a baby shower, everyone wants to talk with the guest of honor! But when all your guests participate in a baby shower game, then everyone gets the chance to interact with the excited mother-to-be. To help you on your way, consider some of the following games that will add fun and laughter to your baby shower.

Baby charades -- It’s the traditional charades game with a baby twist. Pick topics that are things that a baby would need to tell you before they can talk. For example, use charade topics like “My diaper is full, or “The dog ate my pacifier.” Break into teams of two to three and remember to give out door prizes to the winners.

Purse scavenger hunt – This one will separate the new mothers from the old hands. Make a list of things that a real mommy would have in their purses – including kid’s meal toys, half eaten food from a kid’s meal, bug spray, a coupon for a kid related product, crayons, a pacifier and band aids. Be creative when you make the list. The winners are the team that has the most items from the list.

Mother Guess – This game could be done in groups or individually. Take descriptions of characters in the old nursery rhymes and make everyone guess who it is. For example, she had so many children she didn’t know what to do -- Who is the old woman in the shoe? For another variant, try naming lullabies from the opening lines.

Word scramble – Give each of the teams a page of scrambled baby-related words. The first team that can unscramble all the words correctly wins.

Change the baby boy – Consider this new twist on the “change the baby” game. Get a life size baby doll, some clothes and spray bottles. The designated “mommy“ on each team changes the baby as the opposing team members spray the hapless contestant with the water bottles – testing their diaper-changing prowess under fire. Be sure to give extra points for the creative use of diapers as shields.

Heavy purse roulette – This game is best if you have a group of experienced mothers. Treat the purses like a bass fishing weigh in – the heaviest purse wins a prize, which could be a fishing cap covered with pacifiers instead of lures.

Diaper smell – Get six diapers and load them – pardon the pun – with six different things. No, this isn’t what you’re thinking. Instead, use household stuff – like orange peel, bleach, vapor rub or motor oil – then fold and seal the diapers up and number them one through six. Give the goody bag or prize to whoever guesses the most correctly.

Race for the shoes – This game is especially good for those new, co-ed showers. Have the contestants – especially the men – put large balloons or beach balls under their shirts. Then, see who can tie and untie their shoes the fastest. Be sure to encourage the mom-to-be to point and laugh!

Mother What – Pin the name of a famous mother to everyone’s back. Your guests have to ask yes or no questions of everyone else at the shower to figure out who “they” are. The first guest to correctly determine his or her “identity” wins a door prize.

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