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Baby Shower Gift Wrap - Make The Celebration Colorful

Once upon a time there was a baby shower where all the gifts were wrapped in pastel shades of pink and blue. It might have been a lovely shower, but we'll never know –because the gift table put all the guests to sleep.

Of course, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, and pink and blue packages are still wonderful, but why be limited to tradition? There’s a world of colors out there to choose from. To start, consider some of the color combinations that are popular right now.

If you want a classic look, start with a base of white wrapping paper. Instead of going with a traditional pastel, choose a really bright accent color, like hot pink, fuchsia or lime green. Think about adding an accent or two of black. Toile patterns are also very popular right now.

For a boy, think about different shades of blue. Turquoise blue and chocolate brown go well together, as do bright navy, baby blue and white. Add accent ribbon in these colors or find a nice wrapping paper that incorporates those shades.

For a girl, choose an unusual shade of pink, like coral, paired with orange, red or sky blue. If you want to choose a pastel pink, pair it with a color with some contrast to make the pink pop. Try burgundy, navy, emerald green or even black instead of the standard white.

Also, look at wrapping paper designed specifically for children. Ducks, teddy bears, dolls, ships, cartoon characters – any of these can make good, colorful choices for wrapping baby shower presents. And what's more perfect than “Happy Birthday” paper to celebrate the baby’s first birth day?

Giving a gift for baby's first Christmas? Go ahead and break out the Christmas wrapping paper! Your gift is sure to stand out and be remembered.

There's also no reason gift wrap has to be made of paper. Consider wrapping your present in a blanket instead – the new mom will get two gifts in one! A few layers of colorful tulle can also provide enchanting gift wrap. Even colorful cellophane can be used to surprising effect. You can even experiment with a layer of tulle over a layer of cellophane?

If you have a child, consider turning them loose with a box of crayons or paints and a roll of plain white paper. You'll be guaranteed to have the most artistic and unique gift wrap at the party.

Or, if you’re the artistic one in the house, consider making your own gift wrap. You can use rubber stamps or even colorful markers to decorate your own gift wrap. If you’re wrapping a small gift, consider using paper you’ve designed and printed using your computer printer or make a file that you can have printed at your local office supply store.

Finally, you might also try topping your gift with colorful ribbons, a baby toy or even a bouquet of balloons. Whatever you choose, the wonderful gift wrap will stand out and leave the new mom dying of anticipation to see the gift inside.

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