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Baby Shower Gifts – Spread Love and Affection in an Adorable Way

There are few things more lovable than a newborn baby. However, choosing the perfect baby shower gift is truly an act of love and affection for the baby yet to arrive, as well as for the parents-to-be.

One unique gift you might consider is a belly casting kit. These kits allow the mother-to-be to make a cast of her pregnant stomach or torso. For most women, pregnancy happens only once or twice in a lifetime and it can be hard to remember how their tummies looked. They’ll cherish the memento and enjoy showing it off once their children are grown up.

Reading bedtime stories to the new baby will also be one of the parents' most treasured memories as the baby grows. For this reason, consider a gift of your favorite bedtime story books or choose a nice copy of any of the classic bedtime stories. A CD of soothing lullaby music and a cuddly blanket or two will round out this wonderful gift nicely. Or, if the parents-to-be know the gender of the baby and have already chosen a name, you can special order a personalized bedtime story featuring the child as the hero or heroine.

Diaper cakes are also enjoying a resurgence and offer an adorable way to provide a gift that will be much used and appreciated. To make one, simply tie bunches of diapers – disposable or cloth – into cake “tiers” and decorate the “cake” with baby toys, pacifiers or other baby items. You might also consider giving a “bouquet” of flowers made from baby socks or baby wash cloths.

Photo albums and memory books are another wonderful gift choice. You can fill an album or part of an album with photographs and remembrances of the happy, expectant couple. Thinking about how the couple met and the kinds of activities they enjoy sharing can also help you choose a meaningful and loving baby shower gift. For example, if the couple loves to ski, you might give the baby a snow globe and a warm, fleece blanket. Or, if the couple loves music, how about a music box or a crib toy designed to play soothing lullabies?

In addition, every baby should grow up in a house with a rocking chair. If the happy couple doesn't already have one, consider purchasing one for them. It need not be expensive – a thrift store rocking chair refinished in nursery colors and outfitted with a comfortable cushion would make a perfect gift. Just imagine how many loving hours will be spent in that rocking chair, helping the new baby drift off to sleep.

Finally, if you’re hosting the shower, consider making a garland from yarn and a number of tiny baby socks. Babies need lots of socks to keep their tiny feet warm and baby socks are always getting lost. Not only will a baby sock garland be a wonderful decoration, the mom-to-be can hang it in the nursery and pull of extra socks as needed.

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