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Baby Shower Ideas - Make The Baby Shower Party A Memorable Experience

Most women are lucky enough to have more than one baby shower in their honor and most grown women will have attended quite a few baby showers before they arrive at the one you’re hosting. So how can you make your baby shower memorable?

The first thing to do is to take a good look at all the many themes that are suggested for baby showers. Then, ignore all of those suggestions and choose something completely different. Let the personality of the expectant couple help you choose a theme. Don't be afraid to choose something unusual. After all, if couples can host renaissance or goth-themed weddings, why not renaissance or goth-themed baby showers? Consider something completely different – how about chair massages for everyone or pedicures for all of the guests? You can also do something to pamper the mother-to-be before the shower, like perhaps having her arrive an hour early for a pedicure.

You can also make your shower memorable by eschewing the traditional baby shower games and coming up with some of your own. Spend some time before the shower coming up with parodies of popular songs rewritten with baby themed lyrics. Or, think about the games or activities you’d do at an ordinary party and rework them with a baby theme. You can also eschew games all together and just let everyone enjoy spending time together.

Gifts may be the one place where you want to forgo the unusual and stick with the pragmatic. All the novel themes in the world won't mean as much as that extra package of diapers that the couple has on hand when it's late at night, raining and baby has turned into a massive poop-making machine.

And while memories will fade, photographs of your special event will last forever. Take lots of pictures during the baby shower and have your guests do the same. Upload all the photographs to a central online viewing site for everyone to enjoy or consider setting a slide show to music and burning it to a CD for the mother-to-be. That’s a gift she will remember and treasure, long after the baby shower has passed.

In addition, if you’ve been invited to host an event, let someone else host the shower to which all the coworkers and family members are invited. Instead, let your shower be the one with only the best girlfriends – the “in” crowd. The smaller the group, the more intimate and more memorable the event will be.

If you’re still having trouble coming up with ideas for a fabulous baby shower, remember that every person remembers the things they do for different reasons that are as individual as they are. Talk to the guest or guests of honor about what they want the baby shower to be like –about what would make the event memorable for them. Sometimes the most memorable thing you can give someone is exactly what they've always dreamed of.

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