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Baby Shower Invitation Ideas - Set The Mood For The Party

Don’t be stuck with boring baby shower invitations – there are a wide variety of baby shower invitation ideas out there just waiting to be discovered. Remember, the invitation sets the tone for the entire shower and gives guests clues about what kind of event to expect, so take your time and be sure to choose something that’s truly memorable.

Now, the first thing you should do is keep in mind what kind of event you’re planning and what your budget is. If your finances will allow it, you can hire a professional party planner and let her guide you through the steps. But since these parties are usually marked by a personal touch, most people opt to do the invitations themselves. The following are some ideas that you can use as you put your personal touch on the party

Baby Bassinet Invitations

For these, shape the invitation like a baby bassinet with baby inside. You can follow tradition, using blue for boys and pink for girls, or you can experiment with fun colors that match the shower’s theme. In the case of twins, you can outline two bassinets on your invitation.

Baby Bib Invitations

Make the invitation shaped like a bib. Or, if you’re really creative, you can use special printer paper to transfer the party details to an actual bib. The invitations work regardless of the baby’s gender and are a real classic that goes with anything.

Baby Block Invitations

This is another idea that’s gender neutral. On this kind of invitation, the decorations are made from letter blocks and number blocks – whether these motifs are printed on the paper or actually cut out of paper.

Baby Bottle Invitations

Instead of a traditional envelope, the party guests would receive a baby bottle with party confetti and a rolled note, like a letter from the sea. It’s a new, innovative twist that guests are sure to remember.

Stork Invitations

Storks have long symbolized new birth, and carrying on this tradition makes stork invitations a unique and memorable baby shower invitation idea. There are several ways to incorporate this idea, from finding cards with a stork motif to the other extreme of sending a stuffed stork carrying the invitation to the guests. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild!

Cute Animals

Never underestimate the “cute factor” of a furry teddy bear or butterflies on your baby shower invitations. You can’t go wrong with using a cute baby animal as a invitation decoration, whether they’re just animal stamp patterns or actual mini stuffed animals that are mailed with the invitation.

Baby Item Invitations

If you feel that invitation cards are a bit passé, get creative with some craft pens and write on a bib and send that as an invitation. But the possibilities here are limited only by your imagination. How about a note attached to a toy? Or a rattle with the baby’s name painted on it? You could even decorate a baby onesie with the invitation details.

Photo Invitations

It’s never been easier to add personalized photographs to your baby shower invitations. But even if you don’t have any skill with a computer program like Photoshop, there are many places that will let you print copies of digital photos for pennies a piece. Print up some photos of the new mother and put them on your traditional invitation or go all out and create your own photo-filled invitations.

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