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Baby Shower Tips - Celebrate the Occasion the Way You Want

When you hear the words “baby shower,” you probably picture crepe paper streamers, games involving disposable diapers and baby bottles, cake and much “ooohing” and “aaahhing” when the gifts are opened. While this may spell shower perfection for you, others will be bored to tears by an ordinary baby shower.

The truth is that a baby shower doesn't have to look or be any one way to be successful. The point of having a baby shower is to let the expectant mom and dad know that they’re loved and supported by their friends and families. And there are as many ways to do this as you can think of.

Begin with location. Traditionally, a baby shower is held in someone's home or in a restaurant, but there's no hard and fast rule on this. Is the mom-to-be a fan of movies? Why not hold the shower at your local movie theatre and take in a movie either before or after the event?

You’ll also need to consider whether you want to have male guests. If so, go for it. Showers for men and women together are increasingly popular. Or do you want to skip playing cheese shower games? Go right ahead. There's nothing that says you have to play games at a baby shower. On the other hand, if the mom-to-be has gone all in at her friend’s showers, she might enjoy an all day game extravaganza.

Want a formal tea party? Then break out the crumpets and ask everyone to dress for tea! Or would you rather have a low key, jeans and t-shirt kind of shower? There's no reason not to – as long as it’s the mom-to-be’s preferences calling the shots, not yours.

When it comes to food, choose whatever the mom-to-be loves to eat. You can have the shower catered or simply call out for pizzas. You can serve the traditional shower quartet – cake, punch, mints and nuts – or have a backyard BBQ. You could even have an ice cream sundae bar or a chocolate fountain. Be sure to find out what the mother-to-be is craving and have some of her favorite foods on hand.

At its heart, the baby shower is a party held in someone's honor. Let that person's wishes help you determine what the shower should be like. Does the mom-to-be want something very traditional? Then that's what she should have. Would she rather have something practical, like instruction in infant CPR? Then throw a safety shower where everyone learns infant CPR basics and brings mom a gift related to health and safety.

When it comes to celebrating the occasion the way you want, find out what matters most to the mother-to-be. Just as with your wedding, there are probably some things that really matter and some that are nonessential. Help the mother-to-be figure out what’s essential to her, and she'll love you for it. And because happiness is contagious, so will your guests.

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