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Birth Announcements – Make Them Special and Memorable

The birth of your baby will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting times in your life. One way to share your excitement and joy with others is with birth announcements. You can order pre-made birth announcements or even make your own. The following are some of the ways you can make your birth announcement special and memorable.

First, consider using a video birth announcement. There are companies that will take your photographs and put them together with music and make the video available either online or in a disc format that you can mail out to friends and family. If you’re technologically inclined, you can also make your own video to post online or burn to a recordable DVD and send out.

Candy also makes any announcement a little sweeter. You can print personalized wrappers for chocolate candy bars – large or small – and hand those out to share the news of your sweet arrival. Think also about personalized chocolate candies that can be custom printed with your new arrival’s information.

One thing to keep in mind – babies generally aren’t as attractive the day they’re born as they’ll be a few days later. For this reason, think about waiting for a few days – or even a few weeks – to have a photograph of your baby taken to for your birth announcements. Photographs of your new baby with her parents or even of mom's expectant tummy also make for a special announcement. If you have other children, be sure to include them with the new sibling as well.

If you haven't been around a baby recently, it can be hard to remember just how incredibly small they are. Consider using washable ink to actually stamp your baby's hand or foot print onto card stock. You can stamp every card if you only have a few to send, or you can make one copy and have that printed onto announcements. This will be an especially memorable keepsake that your friends and relatives will cherish.

However, think not only about the form of the announcement itself, but also about what you want to say on the announcement. You might include a special poem or if the baby's name was chosen because it has special meaning, include information about that as well as a picture. A meaningful quote or religious text can also complement your birth announcement.

If you’re crafty, consider making your own birth announcements. If you’re good with scrapbooking, you can make a beautiful scrapbook page and send color copies to everyone. Or, if you’re good with graphics, consider making a birth announcement for printing or purchase an old-fashioned looking birth certificate and make copies of it.

Newspapers often include birth announcements in their society pages, but there's no reason you can't buy your own ad announcing your baby's birth. This can also make an interesting keepsake as it has not only baby's birth announcement but also a record of what’s happening in the local community at the time of baby's birth.

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