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Breast Feeding Help Ė Turn to the Professionals

Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesnít mean it will feel natural for you at first. As a new mother, especially if this is your first child, youíre going to need some help learning how to properly breastfeed your baby. Failing to get this help could lead to many issues that would force you to eventually give up breastfeeding altogether. Knowing how much breastfeeding benefits you and your baby emotionally, physically and mentally, you need to do what you can to make sure that the experience is one you can both live with, if not enjoy.

Many new mothers have problems breastfeeding at first. There are many books on the subject, but trying to translate pictures and text into actions can be somewhat difficult in this situation. There are so many things to keep in mind and if youíve never done this before, youíll need someone to walk you through the process.

Even if this isnít your first child, you may still need to seek professional breastfeeding help. There are many occasions when problems arise in breastfeeding, such as if your baby isnít getting enough milk or if your baby canít latch on. Professionals can help you determine the cause of your problem and attempt to provide solutions. These professionals are often referred to as lactation consultants.

Itís recommended that first-time mothers see a lactation consultant within the first couple of days after giving birth. For this reason, itís important to plan ahead and talk to your doctor. The hospital where you give birth may keep a lactation consultant on staff. If they donít, you need to arrange to visit with one at your hospital or in their office as soon after you have your baby as possible.

There are four main ways that you can find a lactation consultant. You can ask your doctor about professional breastfeeding help and plan ahead. He or she should be able to give you the names of a few good experts or they may tell you that the hospital has one available on staff. Your pediatrician can also give you advice on this matter or may have a lactation consultant on staff in their office. You can also search through the phone book or internet for independent lactation consultants.

The best source of professional breastfeeding help, however, is the La Leche League, which has a number of breastfeeding resources for new mothers. Their volunteers, called La Leche Leaders, are breastfeeding moms trained to help other moms learn to breastfeed. They often hold meetings of young mothers and these are great opportunities to learn by observing. You can take advantage of the La Leche Leagueís benefits and resources before and after you give birth. If you feel youíll need someone to help you get started breastfeeding, you can even arrange to have someone meet you at the hospital when you have your baby so that you can get immediate professional guidance.

In the end, breastfeeding doesnít have to be a chore and it doesnít have to be painful. You want whatís best for you and your baby, and you shouldnít have to suffer in order to provide what nature demands. With professional help, you can successfully breastfeed your child, regardless of your inexperience or any problems you encounter.

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