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Breastfeeding Tops for Modern Moms

Donít despair Ė this isnít the 1980s. Maternity fashion has come a long way and there are many fashionable choices for breastfeeding tops. In fact, many of these tops are so attractive that youíd like them even if you weren't breastfeeding!

With todayís modern options, there are a number of different opening configurations that allow you to breastfeed in comfort. The simplest is a top that isnít tucked in at the waist that you can pull up. If you don't like having your midriff on display, you can use a nursing cover or you can choose one of the newer garments designed to provide midriff coverage. Modest Middles is one such product. In fact, using this style, you can use any top as a breastfeeding top and let your own style shine!

In addition, some tops are designed with a flap at the front that unfastens and pulls down much like the cup of a nursing bra. Others have a deep V-neck which can be pulled down to access the breast. However, itís important to remember that these two styles put more of your chest on display while nursing. If youíre concerned about modesty while breastfeeding in public, you may still want to pair these tops with a breastfeeding cover.

There are also styles that have a single opening in the chest with a flap that unfastens from either side to allow access to the breast. Others have a flap that covers the chest but can be lifted up to reveal nursing openings on either side. The latter is a very popular style with nursing moms today for its ease of use.

Some nursing tanks even come with built in shelf bras. These are usually best for women with small breasts who can manage without the support of a full nursing bra.

One of the best places to buy breastfeeding friendly clothing online is the Motherwear website. They have a full range of clothing, from bras and night gowns, to tops, dresses, and swimsuits Ė even in plus sizes. Most of their clothing allows for very discrete nursing and their attractive designs donít scream ďnursing momĒ when you see them.

The One Hot Mama website is another good source for breastfeeding tops for modern moms. They carry the popular and fashionable Japanese Weekend line that many breastfeeding moms prefer. In addition, many of these tops will work for pregnancy and breastfeeding, stretching your pregnancy clothing budget even further.

The folks at MilkSmartMama also have some attractive tops and even a few nice choices for sexy evening wear. After all, just because you're breastfeeding doesn't mean you can't still have a nice dinner out!

The most important thing to remember when it comes to breastfeeding tops is that itís the mom that makes the outfit Ė not just the top. Every mother who is breastfeeding her baby is a beautiful mom. If you canít go all out and buy new breastfeeding tops, donít despair Ė many consignment stores and internet auction sites have great options that you can personalize with your own accessories for a fraction of the cost.

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