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Must Read Breastfeeding Books for New Moms

Breastfeeding may be a natural process, but to most new mothers it seems far from natural. In fact, it can seem downright degrading, painful and pointless – the leading cause behind mothers breastfeeding for only a few weeks or months. Even though they know that breastfeeding has too many benefits to discount, they give up.

You really don’t want to do this, but fortunately, there are several different types of breastfeeding books available to you. One type of book will teach you how to breastfeed your baby. The best books will teach you everything from how to position your baby at the breast to how to help them latch on, to how to wean them when the time comes.

“Breastfeeding: How to Breastfeed your Baby” by Mary Renfrew is one of the best “how to breastfeed” books available today. The pictures and instructions are the easiest to follow and, unlike most books, Ms. Renfrew provides a number of pictures showing you the wrong way, so that you know better what to watch out for.

Of course, you should also read all the pregnancy and baby books by Dr. William Sears, one of the leading professionals in pregnancy and infant care. Dr. Sears gives you everything you could possibly need to know about breastfeeding from birth to weaning in his versatile book, aptly named “The Breastfeeding Book: Everything You Need to Know about Breastfeeding your Child from Birth to Weaning.”

The other type of breastfeeding book available is more about support. These books are usually full of stories from other mothers that have been through exactly what you’re going through. They contain a lot of good advice learned the hard way, as well as suggestions from professional when they themselves were about to give up. These books may also provide you with some tips and show you that you aren’t alone in your struggles, which can make all the difference in your own attitude toward breastfeeding. Of course, the best breastfeeding books are those that have both of these elements.

“The Breastfeeding Café: Mothers Share the Joys, Challenges, and Secrets of Nursing” by Barbara L. Behrmann is one of the best supportive and knowledge-filled breastfeeding books in print. This book provides you with a number of stories from moms who have been right where you are and presents situations that are less common, so that even the most difficult breastfeeding situations are addressed. You receive both support and “how to” tips that will really make a difference in your breastfeeding experience.

Of course, you don’t want to leave out the importance of taking care of yourself during nursing. “The Complete Book of Breastfeeding” by Sally Wendkos Olds and Dr. Marvin Eiger gives you advice not only about the act of breastfeeding, but also about how to handle your own needs during the process. The book also covers nutrition for moms that will increase the nutrition of the breast milk, as well as tips to keep mom healthy while she’s giving up valuable nutrients daily through breastfeeding.

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