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Which Contraception Method Is The Best

Pregnancy brings some big adjustments in the life of a woman, and that is why in most cases it is usually planned where the woman feels that she is ready for the child. Having a child also affects the manís life and because of that the contraception methods are important for men as well. These are the birth control methods that men and women can use while having sex in order to avoid pregnancy.

Among the several methods, some have proved to be very effective while some others may not provide 100% protection. Furthermore, there are also two types of protection that can be achieved Ė temporary and permanent. The permanent method is obviously for those couples who are already having kids and do not want more. It is important for you to understand that this method is irreversible, which means even if you change your mind at a later stage, you will not be able to conceive. On the other hand, the temporary contraception methods are reversible with no effect on fertility. Letís go exploring the different methods.

The Fertility Awareness Method

Letís start with a natural method. As the term suggests, this method requires you to be aware of the time when a woman is highly fertile and avoid having sex during those days. The fertility of the woman depends upon her menstrual cycle. You have to study this cycle carefully in order to find out the ovulation period through different signs and symptoms. You must avoid having sexual intercourse with your partner during this period.

Intrauterine Devices

Now, letís talk about some latest contraception methods that guarantee better prevention. You may go for intrauterine devices. These are the devices that the woman may get inserted into the vagina with the help of a doctor. There are no side effects. However, this method is usually recommended for those women who have recently delivered a baby and do not want another in quick succession. Using this method, these women can also engage in sexual activities with their partner without the fear of getting pregnant again.

The Barrier Methods

The different barrier methods are perhaps the most common ways of contraception. As the name suggests, these are the methods where some sort of bar is used in order to prevent the sperm from entering into the vagina. Some of the popular methods in this regard may include the use of contraceptive sponge, female condoms, and men condoms. Your doctor may suggest some other methods as well, such as cervical cap and diaphragm.

The Permanent Methods

The permanent method usually involves surgical sterilization, which may include vasectomy, removal of the uterus, and selective tubal occlusion procedure. Depending upon the preferences, you may get the surgery operated on you or on your partner.

You may get into a situation where you already have had sex with your partner without any protection. This is where you may find the emergency contraceptives highly helpful.

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