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Couple Showers - Making Adjustments

There was a time when men were never invited to wedding or baby showers – it simply wasn’t done. However, times have changed and today, most people think that there’s nothing wrong with allowing the husband-to-be or father-to-be to participate in the celebration of an event that’s going to change his life as much as the expectant mother’s life.

If you’re planning a baby shower that will include couples, you’ll need to make a few adjustments. The first will be in the theme of the shower. While you need not choose something distinctively masculine for the theme, your male guests will probably be more comfortable if you don’t choose something terribly feminine. For example, while a group of ladies might enjoy having a shower that resembles a tea party, men might feel uncomfortable in this setting.

Instead, consider themes that don’t relate specifically to baby showers. A beach-themed shower could be quite enjoyable even though beach-themed decorations aren’t necessarily baby specific. You can use a general baby theme, of course – just avoid anything that calls for the extensive use of pink, ruffles and lace. Use your imagination and you’re sure to come up with something that will make everyone happy. It’s the job of the party host or hostess – after all – to make all the guests feel welcome and comfortable, regardless of their gender.

Making your guests feel comfortable and welcome begins with the invitations themselves. Again, choose something friendly and casual – neither too feminine, nor too fussy and formal. And make sure that the language on the invitation clearly indicates that the shower is for couples to avoid any confusion.

Games at a couples shower are optional. Rather than planning for games, you can just let the guests spend time enjoying each other's company. Remember that a shower is at its core a party – focus on creating an enjoyable atmosphere rather than a specifically shower atmosphere.

If you do choose games, you’ll obviously want to consider the fact that men and women will both be playing. Choose games that both can enjoy, like a diaper changing relay race. If you’re going to play the “see who can drink all the contents of a baby bottle the fastest” race, you might want to choose to fill the bottles with beer for the guys. Or, ask each guest to write down a story from their childhood. Take turns reading the stories and have the expectant couple guess which of their friends wrote the story.

Tiny finger sandwiches and punch probably aren’t the best choice when it comes to menu planning for a couples shower. Choose foods that everyone can enjoy. While you needn't serve hot wings and beer, you should consider that men do tend to have heartier appetites and include some heartier food choices beyond crudités and dips.

When it’s time for the presents to be opened, make sure the father-to-be participates. The couple can take turns opening presents or they might play “evens and odds” to see who gets to open each individual present. It doesn't really matter how the choices are made, as long as both parents get a chance to open presents and enjoy the surprise of seeing what they’ve received.

Baby shower favors should also take male guests into consideration. Edible favors are always a good choice for both genders. For example, you might consider giving away chocolate bars with personalized wrappers or cookies decorated in the theme of your shower. You can also choose favors that are designed for a couple, rather than each guest individually, to appeal to both genders.

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