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Dancing During Pregnancy - Effective Way To Stay In Shape

Exercising during pregnancy is important Ė it helps you keep your blood sugar levels stable, avoid constipation and keep your energy levels up. Exercising builds stamina for labor and delivery, and for the demands of caring for a newborn. Research has also shown that exercising makes labor more effective, which means a shorter labor with more easily managed contractions. And if you want to get back in shape quickly after your pregnancy, exercising during pregnancy gives you a head start.

However, you have to be careful when youíre choosing an exercise program during pregnancy. When youíre pregnant, your center of gravity shifts and if you arenít careful, you could fall, injuring yourself and your baby. Many of the activities you may have enjoyed prior to your pregnancy, such as running or riding a bicycle, may become difficult. Other activities, like horseback riding and skiing, arenít safe during pregnancy because of the risk of falling.

One exercise that is safe during pregnancy, however, is dancing. Dancing is safe because itís a non-impact activity that will be easier on your ankles, legs and lower back. Itís also a good choice because you can moderate your level of activity as you need to, working harder when you feel like it and at a slower pace when you need to. Dancing is also a lot of fun Ė especially if you dance with your partner. Moving to music you enjoy is energizing, and there are few pregnant women who wouldn't enjoy having a little more energy! Regular exercise will also keep you healthier and help you sleep more restfully.

Dancing is a good way to stay in shape at any time because the movements use all of the muscles in your body Ė especially the larger muscle groups of your legs and hips. These muscles are placed under a lot of stress during pregnancy as they deal with your increasing weight. Dancing can help keep them flexible and strong, and make it easier for them to perform the task at hand.

Another advantage of using dancing as a way to stay in shape during pregnancy is that you do not need any special equipment. In fact, you can dance in the privacy of your own home. All you need is some music and some space.

Or, if youíre feeling more adventurous, why not get out and take a dance class? Many gyms and fitness center offer aerobic dance classes that will give you the exercise you need in a fun, healthy atmosphere. You can also look for dance studios or community recreation programs that offer adult dance classes. Ballroom dancing is a popular choice for pregnant women, although you can go all out and try something exotic, like belly dancing.

If you have any doubts about whether or not the class will be a good fit for you, talk to the instructor. He or she will be able to help you determine whether or not itís safe for you to participate and may be able to offer modifications for moves that are too challenging.

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