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Decorating Baby Shower - Add Colors And Fun To The Joyful Celebration

Sometimes it seems like hardly a week goes by without someone you know having a baby shower. To keep your baby shower from getting lost among all the others and help it stand out, pick a color palette that’s not only pleasing to the eye, but fun and playful as well.

Of course, the knee jerk response is to do the entire party in pastels. If you're going to do pastels, do pastels. Ask all the guests to dress in white and consider using white wrapping paper to help set off your pastel accents. Choose white and pastel colored decorations and foods – for example, pair pale pink or blue streamers with matching icing on a white frosted cake. You might even let the white and pastel color choice inspire you to turn the shower into a refined and elegant tea party.

By the same token, if you know the gender of the baby, you can choose to go pink or blue with your shower decorations. Again, go all out. If the shower is going to be pink, let it be pink – from the pink cake with white frosting to the pink lemonade punch. Or, if the shower is going to be blue, let it be blue – from the blueberry dessert to the blue raspberry punch.

Or, are the expectant couple fans of any particular sports team? Do they have a special fondness for their college days? Then why not choose their team or school colors as your decorating theme. There's nothing wrong with a Fighting Irish or Hook ‘em Horns color theme for a baby shower.

Does the expectant couple have a favorite hobby or activity? If they like sailing or other water sports, why not break out the nautical flags and use sailing inspired colors? Are they fans of Western movies? How about cow prints and red bandannas for your decoration inspirations. Let the couple inspire you, even if it’s only to discover their favorite colors or the colors they’ve chosen for their nursery and incorporate these into the big event.

Bright colors have also become increasingly popular. Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland themes have become popular for parties and weddings and are usually decorated with vibrant, colorful banners and displays. Don’t be afraid to consider these bright and playful colors for your baby shower.

“A star is born” is another popular baby shower theme these days. But instead of just choosing midnight blue, go all out with a disco ball or a special light that shines constellations on the ceiling.

Jungle themed showers are also very popular. But instead of choosing jungle green as your primary color, consider going upscale with fun faux leopard print materials. This will bring an unexpected sense of playfulness to the celebration that your guests are sure to remember.

Or maybe you want to take your inspiration from the entire rainbow. And why not? This is the perfect time to fill your house a wide variety of color, with colorful throws on the back of the couch and rainbow-inspired refreshments.

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