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Exercises During Pregnancy - Must For Every Woman

Exercises during pregnancy help the expecting mother in numerous ways. Let's be clear in the beginning- do not go on hearsay and gear yourself for some terrific sessions in the gym or on the floor of your house, if you have not been exercising for sometime or not exercised at all. You can start slowly at first like taking sessions of 5 - 10 minutes each. Then gradually increase the time by 10 minutes per week, according to your convenience and body support. Your body will tell you when it is time to say good-bye to the session of training. Beginners can start with the perfect pregnancy workout CD by Karyne Steben as it has all the variations to suit the needs of newcomers as well as regular enthusiasts.

Benefits Of Exercises During Pregnancy

You can find as many reasons as you want for exercising during, before and after pregnancy. However, you will hardly ever find any reason not to do exercises during pregnancy. Exercises increase your energy level. You can work much more than a lethargic person. You become stronger mentally and are in a better position to cope with the trials of labor. As your limbs gain more muscle you improve your posture while sitting or walking. Lower limb exercises develop muscles to endure pain of labor while giving them more strength. Exercise gives you a better appetite; you can choose to eat nutritious and healthy food. Exercising promotes sleep and removes sleeplessness. The upper body exercises develop shoulder and chest muscles to hold your baby as it grows heavier in the last trimester. New research indicates that exercises during pregnancy reduce the risk of gestational diabetes. Obese women or overweight women are prone to this disease during pregnancy weight gain. Therefore, it is time to put a leash on your gourmet instincts.

Precautions To Be Taken While Exercising

  • Always drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration as your body heats up and loses water on exercising.
  • Do not wear tight clothes. However, ensure that your breasts get adequate support.
  • Avoid exercises lying on your back or which call for jumping, jerks, leaps and quick turns after your fourth month.
  • Do not exercise when you feel sick or tired on any particular day or in a hot or humid weather.
  • Make sure your daily intake consists of the complete diet of 2000 calories every day.
  • Never try to lose weight during pregnancy.
  • Always take your doctors permission before attempting any exercises during pregnancy.

Type Of Exercises Required

  • Always try to do lower body exercises during pregnancy which aid in labor and delivery.
  • Do back exercises like forward crunches to relieve back pain and make you stronger to hold the baby in the later stages.
  • Do some breathing exercises for mental peace and regulation of blood circulation.
  • Add Kegel exercises to your routine of exercises as it removes incontinence and makes your pelvic floor muscles stronger
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