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Exercises To Avoid: Prevent Trauma

Exercises to avoid during pregnancy need to be taken seriously to keep you and your baby safe. As pregnancy increases you need to avoid certain things that might have been a part of your routine earlier. For instance some exercises. Although pregnant women are advised exercise during pregnancy and some of them continue into the later stages of it too, but there are certain exercises to avoid during pregnancy. These include all those exercises that have a risk of your falling or causing any kind of trauma to your abdomen.

While discussing about the exercises to avoid, it not just exercising and sports that we are thinking of, but also common modes of entertainment like amusement park rides or horse back riding, post sport saunas etc. Running is good for health generally but pregnancy is not the time to take up running because it has an increased risk of falling as well as of dehydration and abdominal tension. Pregnancy and exercise in today's time has become a big debate but whatever said and done pregnancy is a delicate condition and precaution is necessary. While some exercises are necessary some are equally harmful.

Activities like scuba diving are a strict no for pregnant mothers because this can even be fatal for your growing baby. When you surface after the diving, air bubbles are formed in the blood stream, this can lead to damage for both you and your baby. Also games like snowboarding present chances of extreme damage to the abdomen and risk of falling is high. Snow skiing, and other contact sports are harmful because they can shake your body in a dangerously which might lead to damage of the uterus etc

The risk of falling increases as the girth increases and the sense of balance becomes disturbed. Even if you were active before, you need to be only moderately active and take all precautions during pregnancy. You can always revert to your active lifestyle after pregnancy.

In the case of any of the following symptoms while pursuing any activity, immediately contact your health care provider-:

  • Chest Pain
  • Dizziness or feeling faint
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Vaginal bleeding

However, at times one tends to confuse pregnancy back pain with something serious which is not so. Still, if you are not sure what is causing that back pain you should get in touch with your health care provider. During pregnancy, since the body increases in size, back pains are quite common. However, a pregnant woman should limit her activity to only what is necessary because the increase in relaxin hormone makes the joints of the body a little too relaxed. So, always keep a track of the exercises to avoid during pregnancy.

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