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Fatherhood - The Feelings Of Becoming A Father

If you are like one of those expectant dads, you may have a certain set of assumptions regarding fatherhood. Some of these assumptions are nothing but myths. There are several reasons why new dads make these assumptions. It may be because of their experience with their own father. You can easily find plenty of resources on various issues associated with an expectant or new mom, but the sad part of the story is that there are very few resources that address the issues associated with the men in pregnancy. Let me share with you some of the important points that the new or expectant dads must keep in mind.

Your Feelings Are Also Important

Most men try to ignore their fatherhood feelings, as they believe that it is only the feelings of the mother that really matters and must be focused on. Well, you should definitely take care of her feelings. After all, becoming a mother is undoubtedly tougher than becoming a father. Her body changes amazingly during the various stages of pregnancy. You must focus on her physical and mental health. But, the concern for your own feelings is also important. It has been found that most dads to be express the joys and excitement of becoming a father but they never share their feelings of fear and apprehension – not even with their partner. You are recommended to share these feelings with your partner. In fact, these fears are also a part of your concern for the expectant mother, and your partner will definitely like to hear them. Therefore, do not be shy about your feelings. Give it a voice.

The Role Of A Father Is Equally Important For The Newborns

Another misconception about fatherhood is that the newborns only need their mothers. Of course, a mother is always special and there is an intense connection between her and the newborn. However, this does not mean that your baby does not need you at this stage. You are an important person in your baby’s life and she needs you right from the birth. Therefore, you should also try to bond with your baby and spend quality time with the newborns. You should hold your baby in your arms and rock and talk to her – do not think that the newborns understand the language of the mother alone. You have to become a part of the daily life of your baby. You can do this easily by learning how to feed your baby, give baths, and change their diapers.

In order to make the fatherhood experience a pleasant and exciting one (with no place to fear or misconceptions) it is important for the new dads to have a good role model. You may find one among your relatives, friends, coaches, teachers, or even your own father can be that perfect role model to emulate.

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