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Still Afraid Of Breastfeeding In Public

Breasts are not just for sex! This is for those who consider feeding in public indecent or inappropriate. They need to know the other biological function of a woman's breasts.

No wonder Americans, who are known for their open-mindedness and acceptance, regard feeding in public as taboo! However, thanks to the efforts of health professionals, who have been busy encouraging breastfeeding, people have begun to get used to the sight of a breastfeeding woman.

No amount of regulations or laws is going to change the mindset of people. It is up to the women themselves to stand up for their right of feeding in public. Only they can trigger a wave of change in the attitude.

Tips For Feeding In Public

The first thing you need to do is get comfortable with the idea of feeding in public. Before that, it's good to practice nursing in private. Master the art of 'latching on' your baby and breastfeeding in discretion within the walls of your home. By doing this, you and your baby will become at ease with this thing and you will be saved from any embarrassing situation in public.

If you family has a problem with you breastfeeding in front of them, make them understand that it's a natural phenomenon. If they are adamant to change their views, you may ask them to leave the room. Remember, YOU must not leave the room. IT'S YOUR RIGHT TO BREASTFEED.

Wear suitable clothes for feeding in public. You cannot breastfeed in a body-hugging top. A very loose top is a great choice, as you can easily slide your baby underneath and you won't have to unbutton your top. Slings are also a good thing to have. Both your hands are free and you can position your baby in such a manner that nobody would come to know that you are nursing her.

You should know when you baby wants to be nursed when in public. A hungry baby will do everything to get her mom's attention. And ignoring her won't be of any good. You don't want to draw everyone's attention by a screaming baby, do you?

If you are feeding in public for the first time, then find a place which is not too crowded. A park is a good place to start. You can bring along your friend or partner so that you can engage in a conversation with them while breastfeeding to avoid feeling awkward.

What if someone stares at you while you are feeding in public? STARE BACK! Do not tolerate their stares. They will look away and go. What if someone lets you know in the face that feeding in public is an indecent thing to do? Well, it does feel upsetting to know such thoughts of people, however, don't let their views affect you. Ignore them.

Practice makes a woman perfect! After breastfeeding a few times, you will gain enough confidence to breastfeed just anywhere. Do not let anyone snatch you of your right of feeding in public in the name of morality or whatever. Remember, nature's functions can NEVER be immoral!

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