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Feeding Twins Will Bring You Double Joy!

Feeding twins can be double the joy as well twice the hard work for the parents. However, with the right guidance and support, this difficult and flimsy task can turn into a smooth and enjoyable thing to do.

Here are certain tips that will help you in feeding twins and enjoying every moment of the twin blessing of God!

Tips For Feeding Twins

  • Make a schedule chart. A visual chart is a good idea, as it will assist you in knowing when your baby needs to be fed at the first sight. Obviously, you need to prepare two charts for twins.
  • Consult your doctor as well as a Pediatrician for the correct baby formula or baby food that is suitable for them.
  • In the chart, make columns for feeding schedule, the type of meal fed, the amount of meal fed, and others for easy evaluation.
  • When your babies reach the age of 7-12 months, they develop their own tastes.
  • This also applies to the amount of food each baby consumes. One may consume lesser than then other. After a few feeds, you will eventually come to know how much each baby consumes. Prepare the schedule according to that.
  • The best way to avoid having screaming babies at home is to prepare their food well in advance. Don't let feeding twins become a chaotic and noisy event each time.
  • Some people consider infant formula to be a great substitute for mother's milk. Remember, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR MOTHER'S MILK. So, breastfeed your baby as much as you can.
  • There are some mothers who breastfeed their babies up to one year. In the beginning, you may find it daunting feeding twins. However, with time, you will get familiar with their feeding habits and time. And it's a fact that breastfeeding your baby strengthens the bond between you and her. The closer you get, the more you will get to know each other!
  • If you want to breastfeed in public, go ahead without fear. Many women feel uncomfortable even with the thought of feeding twins in public. Look around you. Things are changing. Do not deprive your twins of the nature's best food - your milk.

Having a baby makes you jump with joy and if you have twins, then you will be sailing in air! However, with double joy comes double responsibility and double work. Moreover, feeding twins is one such task that you can never be too cautious with it. Practice, practice, and practice - this is the key to feeding your little pair.

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