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Feeding While Pregnant is SOLELY Your Decision

Who says you have to stop feeding while pregnant? It was long ago when doctors had the misconception that breastfeeding your baby during pregnancy snatches the nutrients from the developing fetus. Unfortunately, people still harbor such beliefs. Moreover, the beliefs are so strong that no amount of advanced medical research will be successful in convincing them that this is not the case.

If you have such people in your family, then you will spend a good time arguing with them! Ignore them. The decision to feed or not to feed while pregnant is entirely yours.

You Will Stop Breastfeeding Naturally When.

  • You feel exhausted after every feed.
  • Your baby has begun to bite you. Ouch!
  • Your milk dries up. This is a signal from your body to tell you that it's time to stop.
  • You have mastitis. In this case, you will need to stop breastfeeding at once. Mastitis is a breast infection that occurs when the milk is not expressed properly and the breast is swollen.

How To Stop Breastfeeding?

NEVER JERK YOUR BABY AWAY FROM YOUR BREASTS TO STOP HER FROM FEEDING. Your baby will not know what's happening and will wonder why it's being snatched from her. It may lead to certain unwanted outcomes.

In most of the cases, children wean on their own. This is a great help to you. The good thing about this is you won't feel guilty of taking it away from your child. The best way is to restrict the number of times you breastfeed. Gradually, decrease the frequency of feeding. In due course of time, you child will stop on her own and it won't be a disturbing event for her and for you.

Continue Feeding while Pregnant

If you have decided to continue feeding while pregnant, you should discuss with your doctor about it. In some cases, the doctor may not recommend you to do so due to health reasons. You may not be fit enough to nurse a baby and develop a baby inside at the same time.

However, make sure that the doctor asks you to stop feeding while pregnant because of health reasons and NOT because of her own beliefs. If it's for the latter, then find another doctor who is more into scientific facts than baseless beliefs.

It's a tough thing to be pregnant and breastfeeding at the same time. Hence, have someone with you who gives you all the support you need. It's quite a relief.

In case your family or friends advice you to stop feeding while pregnant and tell you all sorts of things about it, explain to them gently that it's your decision. It's a good idea to join a support group in case your family does not support your decision.

Keep in mind that feeding while pregnant is solely your decision; don't let anyone else decide for you.

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