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Using the First Response Home Pregnancy Test Kit

When you think you may be pregnant, one test is seldom enough. Most women take more than one test, and manufacturers like First Response have made this easier for consumers by offering testing kits that contain multiple tests. Not only are these testing kits convenient, they’re also usually less expensive than buying the tests individually.

First Response makes several different tests, including conventional tests that display one or two lines and a digital test. All of their tests are available in multi-test kits if you anticipate using more than one test to confirm your pregnancy.

To use a First Response Home Pregnancy Test, first determine which test is best for you, based on when you’ll be performing the test and how much you want to spend. All of the First Response tests boast good accuracy ratings when used as directed on the package.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll be discussing the First Response Gold Early Result Digital Pregnancy Test. You should, of course, follow the specific directions for whichever test you purchase. Before you purchase any pregnancy test, make sure it hasn’t expired. Usually, this isn’t a problem, except in discount stores or smaller pharmacies that may have little product turn over.

Open the outer box and remove the instructions and the tests themselves, which will be contained in separate, individual wrappers. Don’t remove the individual tests from their wrappers until you’re ready to use them, as this could lead to contamination. Carefully read all of the instructions, making special note of the following:

  • For best results, take the test within one hour of opening the individual test wrapper.
  • The test can be used as early as four days before you expect your period.
  • If you’re testing before your period is expected, your first morning urine will have the highest concentration of the pregnancy hormone hCG the test is looking for.
  • The test is self-timing. Results display automatically when they’re ready to be read.
  • You’ll need to decide whether you want to hold the test stick in your urine stream or hold it in a sample of urine you have collected before taking the test. In either event, the urine should be in complete contact with the absorbent tip for only five seconds.
  • For best results, avoid getting urine on the test housing.

Once you’ve read and understand the directions, you’re ready to proceed. For purposes of this article, we’re going to assume that you’re going to collect your first morning urine, which has the highest concentration of pregnancy hormones. Before you go to bed, place a clean collection cup in your bathroom, along with the still-sealed test and your test instructions.

In the morning when you wake up, collect a sample of your urine. Urinate a small amount into the toilet, and then collect your sample. This is called a midstream collection. Finish using the bathroom and wash your hands afterwards.

Open the wrapper for the individual test and remove the plastic overcap which protects the absorbent tip. Completely submerge the absorbent tip in your urine for five seconds, and then carefully lift it straight up with the tip still pointing down. Replace the overcap and place the test on a flat surface with the digital display window facing up. The tip should remain pointing down at all times. At this point, you may dispose of your urine sample and collection cup or you may wait to see if the test needs to be repeated immediately.

The display on the test should begin to show a round blinking clock symbol. This shows that the test is working. In about three minutes, the display screen will give you your result. Either a “YES+” or a “-NO” will appear. If a question mark appears, the test didn’t work properly and you should test again using a new test. If you’ve reserved your urine sample, you may use it again or obtain a fresh sample later in the day. If a blank screen is all you see, contact the manufacturer at their customer service line as listed in the instructions to get a replacement for your defective product.

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