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First Trimester of Pregnancy Ė Week by Week

Every pregnancy is different, and not all women experience the same symptoms. However, itís very important for you to understand what may or may not occur during your first trimester of pregnancy. This will help keep your stress levels low as normal symptoms occur and will help you to know which symptoms require a discussion with your doctor.

The First Six Weeks

The first six weeks of pregnancy are generally mild in the way of symptoms. You may not even realize that youíre pregnant until sometime between the fourth and sixth weeks, as this is generally the time that most women notice their missed period. Itís also around this time that you may begin to experience some nausea and fatigue.

The Rest of Your First Trimester

Week seven marks the true beginning of your babyís development. He will begin developing eyes, ears, nose, heart and other organs, and by week eight, the heart will be well enough developed to be heard through an ultrasound. You should also have your first doctorís appointment by this week, where youíll likely get to hear your babyís heart beat for the first time.

In week nine, your baby will begin to develop bones, and arms and legs will start to form. Webbed hands and feet will also become present. By the end of week ten, your baby will be fully developed, even though itís still really tiny! Around this time, if you have had nausea, it may increase. Heartburn usually starts presenting itself around this time as well, although not everyone will have it.

In weeks twelve and thirteen, your baby is growing exponentially in size. Youíll likely find yourself very tired and you may need lots of rest and additional nutrition as your baby takes from you to help in its growth. Itís usually around this time that the first sonogram will be done and youíll get to see your baby for the first time. Youíll also be able to find out what sex the baby will be by this time Ė if you choose to find out ahead of time.

The good news is, as this trimester ends, most nausea, dizziness, and fatigue end with it. Youíll feel a renewed sense of well begin and a burst of energy. Some mothers will have some lingering nausea, and if you have had heartburn during this stage, it will likely continue throughout your pregnancy.

By the end of this time, your baby bump will start to show to others, and youíll be able to get everyone else as excited about the coming baby as you are. This is the time to start shopping for maternity clothes and time to clean house. As you head into your second trimester, youíll likely start nesting, which means lots of extra cleaning and preparations for your coming baby.

First Trimester Precautions

Most miscarriages occur within the first trimester, so be aware of any unusual cramping or spotting. While these can be normal in the first six weeks of pregnancy, they may also be signs that something is wrong. Contact your doctor if anything doesnít feel right or if you have any other concerns. Remember that stress is your enemy as a pregnant mother, and itís better to call the doctor unnecessarily than to worry excessively. Also be sure that you donít overdo it as your energy returns, which means no heavy lifting!

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