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Clear The Air With a Free Online Pregnancy Test

You think you're pregnant. He doesn't. Or maybe you think you're not pregnant, and he does. How can you clear the air? One of the easiest ways is to take a free online pregnancy test.

To take a free online pregnancy test, you answer a set of questions, including when your last menstrual period was and how long your cycle usually is. Sometimes, you’ll be asked if you know how much time usually elapses between ovulation and the time your period begins. Then, you’ll be asked when you believe you conceived the child, whether or not you have had additional acts of intercourse, and whether or not you were using any birth control at the time. If you were using birth control, you’ll usually be asked what type. You’ll also be asked your age, although the test will assume that you and your partner are both fertile and healthy. Finally, you’ll be asked to indicate whether or not you’re experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy. The more honest you are with your answers, the more helpful the results will be. If you answer this part of the questionnaire with your partner, you may be able to look at your symptoms more objectively.

Some online pregnancy tests will ask for your email address. Before you give anyone your email address, be sure to read their privacy policy and terms and conditions to find out how your address will be used. If you aren’t comfortable with what you find out, you can always search for another test that doesn’t require you to provide an email address.

If you find an online test that offers to scan you, keep looking – there’s no way to scan for pregnancy using a home computer.

When you’ve answered all the questions, submit your answers. Usually, your results will appear in only a few seconds. What you’ll receive isn’t an absolute yes or no answer, but rather a mathematical probability that tells how likely it is that you may be pregnant. Depending on these results, you may not need to go any farther.

Every pregnancy is different, however. Women ovulate and conceive at different days of their cycle, and symptoms can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. If the probably is inconclusive – say there’s a 50% chance you may be pregnant – or if you just want more certainty, you have two choices. You can wait an additional period of time – in most cases, about a week’s time – to see if your period starts, or you can take a commercial pregnancy test. If you decide to wait and take the online test again, and your results are still inconclusive, it may be time for a commercial pregnancy test. Home urine tests are inexpensive and readily available – they’re also essentially as accurate as the urine pregnancy tests conducted in a doctor's office when you follow the directions correctly.

However you decide to proceed, having as much information as possible will be beneficial for both you and your partner.

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