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Buy Funky Maternity Clothes And Make Your Pregnancy Hot!

Let the other pregnant women choose business suits – you have something funkier in mind! Pregnancy is a wonderful time to indulge your playful side when it comes to your wardrobe. All you need to do is think of Nicole Ritchie's pregnancy hippie chic or Alyson Hannigan's laid back maternity style and you can see that funky maternity clothes are one of the hot new trends.

If you want funky maternity clothes, start in your own closet. You may have many items that will work until you start showing, which usually happens around 12 to 14 weeks. Check out your partner's clothes and look for slightly larger clothing at the places where you usually shop. Items that are cut for fullness, or have empire waists may work well during your pregnancy.

If you want funky t-shirts, you can find more than you can imagine by doing an Internet search. Whether you want Bob Marley or David Bowie, or you have a risqué “Who's Your Daddy?” attitude in mind, you can find a t-shirt that will suit your fancy. You can even find t-shirts that feature tattoo designs, punk band logos, and skull and crossbones logos where the crossbones are made from diaper pins. A t-shirt and jeans, leggings, or yoga pants makes for a comfortable and casual weekend outfit.

Jeans are an obvious choice for funky clothing, and you can find lots of different styles of maternity jeans. You can also choose to wear your own low cut jeans under your belly as it begins to grow.

In addition, there are lots of casual dresses that fit the bill for funky maternity clothes. Look for layers, tie dyed fabrics and chic flowing ruffles. Consider adding a wide belt to show off your baby bump. Bracelets and other jewelry items can also help turn an ordinary outfit into something special. Don't forget chokers and headbands too. Think about a fringed scarf or shawl tied around your waist to accent your tummy. When it comes to accessories, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Carry your accessory’s theme through to your handbag and shoes. You’ll probably need at least one new pair of shoes while you’re pregnant, as most women find their shoe size increases from one-half to one whole size while pregnant. Choose shoes with a lower heel, about an inch and a half at most. As your pregnancy continues, you may become less graceful and your center of gravity will shift, which can make you a bit unsteady on your feet. Pregnancy isn’t the time for stiletto heels or platforms!

One place where you shouldn’t choose fashion over function is your bra. When you’re pregnant, you need a bra that offers good support. Fortunately, you can find lovely maternity bras these days at many retail stores or online. You’ll probably need at least one new bra while you’re pregnant, maybe more. Most women find they go up one band size in addition to needing a larger cup. Whatever style of bra you choose, pick one that doesn’t compress your breast tissue, as this can become especially uncomfortable while you’re pregnant.

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