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Enjoy Your Pregnancy With Funny Maternity Clothes

When you’re pregnant, you have a unique opportunity to flaunt your body. Everybody loves a pregnant woman, and you can make the most of the attention you will be getting by choosing funny maternity clothes.

T-shirts are one of the easiest ways to have fun with your pregnancy. One of the cutest maternity shirts to become available recently features a picture of a Buddha and reads, “Rub my tummy for good luck!” This is a far cry from the “don't touch me” shirts and attitudes that some pregnant women have. If you feel like having fun and inviting belly rubs, go for it! The only limit you have is your own comfort level.

You can even announce your pregnancy with a funny t-shirt. Are you game for wearing a shirt that reads, “Knocked Up”? Or maybe “Baby Fat” is more your speed.

If your style is more rock and roll, you might want to proclaim your pregnancy with a Ramones pregnancy t-shirt. Or maybe a Violent Femmes maternity hoodie is more your style. Why not a Sex Pistols maternity skirt? They're all available. In fact, you can find lots of band t-shirts in maternity styles, as well as punk-inspired designs featuring skulls and crossbones and tattoo designs. When it comes to having fun with your maternity wear, you're only limited by your personal sense of style and willingness to look for fun clothing at sites like Cafe Press.

Consider wearing layers in nontraditional prints. Check out some pictures of Gwen Stefani while she was pregnant with her sons Kingston and Zuma – she was a mom-to-be who really had a lot of fun dressing her pregnant body. Nicole Ritchie and Allyson Hannigan were also moms-to-be who really enjoyed wearing trendy and fun maternity clothing. These ladies can be great sources of inspiration if you’re feeling stuck in the rut of traditional maternity clothing.

When shopping for maternity clothing, try to choose fun colors and color combinations. Think about funky patterns you might not have chosen before and give them a spin. There’s no hiding your baby bump after a certain point, so why not enjoy showing it off?

Think about the things that you liked to wear before you were pregnant. Chances are you can find these same fun styles in maternity clothing. With a little bit of time spent searching, you’ll really be surprised at some of the wonderful stuff that manufacturers are making available to women today. Your accessories will continue to fit long into your pregnancy, even if you have to leave behind some of your favorite clothing after the first few months.

Finally, if you're going to wear a funny pregnancy t-shirt, make sure you have a good, supportive bra underneath. Try choosing a beige colored bra that won't show under most t-shirts. And don’t forget to pair your funny tops with a stylish pair of maternity pants. There are now blue jeans that are available with a nude stretch band across the front to accommodate your growing tummy that won’t show under lighter colored t-shirts.

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