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Health Issues - Things To Be Wary Of During Pre Pregnancy Planning

Pre pregnancy planning is recommended as some women may have certain health issues to contend with. The women are so busy with their careers that by the time they decide to have a child they may have to deal with complications that may affect expectant women, especially those who are above the age of 35 years. The common health issues that women may have to deal with are numerous.

Older women above the age of 35 are warned about the incidence of congenital abnormalities in infants. Neural tube defect, spinal bifida etc. are also possible defects that the infant may suffer from. The mothers have to be fit as they may be prone to pre existing disease conditions such as hypertension and diabetes which may be dangerous if not monitored carefully.

Health Issues To Consider During Pre Pregnancy Planning

  • Hypertension: this condition is fairly common in older women who opt to get pregnant as well as in twin pregnancies. Pre pregnancy planning can help you stay fit through regular exercise which can control hypertension to a certain extent. This pregnancy has a lot of risks such as pre eclampsia, separation of the placenta, fetal death due to placental insufficiency. Thus frequent visits to the doctor and careful monitoring is required of every aspect such as food, weight, condition of the body etc. you may have to ask the physician to prescribe medication for hypertension that will not have a harmful effect on the developing fetus.
  • Diabetes: some women may already have diabetes during the pre pregnancy planning stage, some may contract gestational diabetes. Severe diabetes may cause birth defects of the heart and spinal canal as well as fetal death in some cases. The children are also susceptible to metabolic problems after birth. Careful monitoring of the weight and the disease as well as diet and the foods included is required for pregnancy planning of those who are at risk from diabetes.
  • Fertility Problems: male infertility or female infertility may be cause of concern in some cases. Treatments are available such as drugs, surgeries and herbal cures. To be safe during the pre pregnancy planning stage, make use of the ovulation calendar to chart the fertile period. A women's most fertile period is the 14th day after periods. Having sex before ovulation and after ovulation may help.
  • Diseases Of The Heart: valve defects, hole in the heart, rheumatic and atherosclerotic heart disease are some things that some women have to deal with during pre pregnancy. Their condition will be completely assessed by a physician to determine if it is safe for them to have a baby. Complications such as miscarriage, fetal death, pre term labor may arise. The mothers may be advised bed rest and carefull monitoring to ensure that both mother and child continue to remain healthy.
  • Other Diseases: There are some women who have kidney problems, thyroid problems, cancer, tuberculosis etc to deal with during the pre pregnancy planning stage. They may be required to undergo a check up to ensure that it is safe for them to get pregnant or be told when it can be considered safe for them to try and get pregnant.
  • Genetic Disorders: Thalassemia, Cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, Sickle cell disease, Huntington's disease and hemophilia are among the most common genetic disorders.
  • Exposure To Teratogens: certain substances are harmful for a mother-to-be such as exposure to heavy metals, solvents, radiation, dry cleaning fluids etc. and are to be avoided
  • Urinary Tract Infections And STD: these conditions require treatment before pregnancy can be planned.
  • Lifestyles: alcohol, drug, substance abuse, smoking, are harmful and women are asked to stay away from them in the pre pregnancy planning stage.

Stay aware of these health issues during pre pregnancy planning stage and follow a healthy lifestyle.

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