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Healthy Pregnancy - Healthy Baby

Pregnancy is the most natural stage of life for most women and so is the desire for a healthy pregnancy. Yet the discovery that a baby is on the way is the most exciting moment in one's life. The surest way to have a healthy baby is to have a healthy pregnancy by following a healthy lifestyle. A healthy way of life adopted by would be parents before conception lessens the risks to the baby during early weeks of development when a woman might be still unaware of her pregnancy.

Preparing For A Healthy Baby

Both partners should be nutrition conscious before planning for a baby. This will lead to you in good health from day one and give the baby a healthier start to life. Even though most women of childbearing age are healthy and most pregnancies are considered low risk, there are also a few precautions mentioned below that you should know about in order to have a healthy pregnancy:

  • Take pre-natal vitamins

  • Get good medical care before you get pregnant

  • Eat well-balanced and nutritive diet

  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, drugs and nicotine

  • Avoid medications, x-rays, hot tub baths and saunas

  • Ask your doctor to find our your blood group

  • Practice safe sex to avoid STDs - these can harm your baby!

  • Avoid infections.

Good Medical Care

The best way to have a healthy pregnancy is to have your health in order before conceiving. Remember, it may be a few weeks before you realize you are pregnant, and the first 2 months are the most potentially dangerous time for your baby! A health care provider will guide you towards a healthy diet and healthy habits, as well as check your immunity to diseases that you could potentially pass to your baby. Your doctor should check your immunity to chicken pox, rubella, measles, and mumps. You may even need to get a shot BEFORE you are pregnant (can not get these shots while pregnant). They will also help to control general illnesses before conceiving (ex: diabetes).

Well-Balanced Diet Plan

An average pregnant woman gains 25 to 35 pounds in nine months. A healthy and fit pregnancy requires about 300 extra calories daily to maintain the baby and mother. The balanced diet during this period should consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, some amount of fat and extra vitamins and minerals. Supplements of iron and folic acid reduce the risk of birth defects. Have 8-10 glasses of water, avoid caffeine, aerated and sweetened drinks to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Avoid Infections

In order to make sure your baby does not get sick while you are pregnant, you need to make sure that you do not get sick. There are many possible sources of infection that you may not think about, like raw food (avoid all raw food) and kitty litter, as well as more obvious places like your home or workplace. Also, as mentioned, make sure you are up to date on all your vaccines because this can prevent serious harm to your baby.


Do not take medication of any kind like antibiotics or steroids, without consulting your doctor, as they can be devastating for the unborn baby. Maintain a healthy pregnancy by refraining from even the minor medication, habitual drugs, alcohol and nicotine.


Stay in shape by resorting to simple exercise plan under the doctor's supervision to maintain proper pregnancy health, stamina, labor and quicker regaining of pre-pregnancy shape. Wear comfortable bra and clothes, avoid strenuous exercises, pain or discomfort, modify exercise plan to suit your growing size and general health.

Adopting routines of relaxation, breathing, diet will result in healthy pregnancy, and easy labor and birth of a healthy baby.

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