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Identical Triplets - Three Bundles Of Joy

It would be hard to believe that in every eight thousand live births, we have at least one birth of identical triplets. In the past, this occurrence was much lower. The reasons for the increase in the birth of dahm triplets are two-fold. With the increase in medical science came fertility drugs and implantation of more than one fertilized eggs in the womb to discount failure of one egg. This has resulted in women now bearing more triplets that are fraternal. Then with careers taking precedence over motherhood more and more women have become career oriented and attain motherhood at later ages. Older mothers are more prone to giving birth to multiple babies, which again means there can be more identical triplets.

Types Of Triplets

Usually women conceive triplets in one of three ways:

  • When the woman's body releases three eggs and each one of them is fertilized by a different sperm then it results in fraternal triplets.
  • When the woman's body releases only one egg which is fertilized and then splits into two parts and then one part splits again; then it results in the birth of identical triplets.
  • When the woman's body releases two eggs and each one is fertilized separately but one splits into two then it results in mixed triplets i.e. one fraternal and two identical.

There may be other cases of fraternal triplets due to IVF fertility treatment taken by women. In this case, more than one egg is placed in the uterus to grow which in some cases results in fraternal triplets.

Care And Attention Magnified

Along with the growth of identical triplets or any other kind of triplets, comes the need for supplementary nutritious food and vitamins. In about 32 -33 weeks you should add at least 50 pounds to your weight to sustain the growth of a dahm triplet. Besides, you also have to take the prescribed dosage of folic acid, vitamins, calcium, iron B complex, and other minerals prescribed by your physical consultant and doctor to supplement the growth of triplets.

Once it is confirmed that you are carrying identical triplets or any other then you should arrange for someone to look after the household work in your absence for about 20 weeks after pregnancy. The reason is that in most cases, women pregnant with triplets are given magnesium sulfate when they experience preterm contractions. This is done to control the contractions and to give a better chance to the babies inside to grow strong and become healthier, as usually a pregnant triplet is born preterm or weaker than normal babies are. However, because of magnesium sulfate, you may have a blurred vision or you may be drained of all energy and feel very weak to even sit properly.

Since most picture triplet babies are born underweight, they are usually kept for weeks or even months in the postnatal intensive care unit until they become fit to be given under the guardianship of the more than willing mother. Mothers of triplets need special care as they shoulder triple the burden of normal delivery. Excessive back pain body aches and ailments like preeclampsia or toxemia can be side effects for mothers who give birth to triplets.

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