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Choosing the Best Infant Car Seat

When youíre expecting, youíll find that there are plenty of things youíll need to choose and purchase. However, choosing a good infant car seat should be at the top of the list. After all, the infant car seat you choose will be responsible for keeping your baby safe during the first few months of life. While there are many different styles and options to choose from, there are certain things you can do to ensure you choose the best infant car seat.

Do Your Research Before Choosing a Car Seat

Check with Consumer Reports for a detailed comparison of each car seat youíre considering. Typically, there are two types of car seats available Ė infant and infant/toddler combos. Make sure you research each type thoroughly and decide which is best for your situation. Youíll also want to make sure that any seat you choose adheres to the rules and regulations of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Ė guidelines that offer invaluable advice on protecting your family in the car.

Consider What Other Parents Have to Say

There are many websites today that allow parents to rate and review car seats. Look at these sites for advice on which products work best and are easiest to use. Consider things like how easy it is to install the seat in a vehicle. Youíll also want to choose a seat that other parents say is comfortable and provides plenty of padding. There are also plenty of things to consider that you wonít think of when your child is first born. For example, some seats are easy to unbuckle, and older children may figure this out. This is one type of seat youíll want to avoid, and the manufacturer isnít going to disclose this information. Look to other parents for fair and honest reviews.

Donít Forget About Cost

If the expense of having a baby has got you down, fear not Ė itís possible to find a seat thatís comfortable, safe, and easy to use, without breaking the bank, as many companies manufacture high quality car seats at reasonable prices. You can often find car seats at discounted rates by shopping online. However, if you go this route, youíll want to check the seat thoroughly when it arrives. If the seat is damaged during shipping, it can become unsafe, so make sure the company you choose has an easy return policy in case of damage.

Buy Multiuse Products

Many infant car seats today can be used for multiple purposes. These seats come with a base thatís permanently placed in the car, allowing you to simply snap the seat in and out. Rather than having to use a separate carrier when going out, you can use the car seat. You can even find stroller/car seat combos that allow you to snap the car seat into the stroller, rather than moving the baby from one thing to another.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when buying a car seat for your baby. Your biggest concern should be safety. Never, ever buy used car seats that you donít know anything about. If a car seat endures a car crash, it can become damaged internally and become a safety hazard. Make sure you provide a safe car seat for your baby Ė after all, they are your most precious cargo.

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