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Kegel Exercises Pregnancy - Simple And Effective

Dr. Arthur Kegel invented an exercise known as kegel exercises. It is the dream exercise for every woman, whether pregnant or not. These set of pregnancy exercises are helpful in delivery of the baby. In 1940, when Dr. Kegel recommended these exercises and advised his pregnant patients to practice these pregnancy exercises, everyone thought them to be a joke, as these routines are so simple. However, in a few months the result proved that the doctor had provided the women of the world with a unique power to protect and facilitate the process of reproduction.

Benefits Of Kegels

Kegels strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. It also targets the uterus, your bladder, urethra and the rectum. Kegel exercises are recommended for men and women both. It helps women at the time of childbirth, especially when it is the time for pushing out the baby. Kegel pregnancy exercises can reduce the risk of muscle tear at the time of delivery. It also facilitates in healing process after episiotomy during postpartum. It also helps in postpartum incontinence and tones the muscles of your vagina. You can have better orgasms if you practice Kegel exercises before and during pregnancy. You have less risk of having hemorrhoids as exercise during pregnancy helps in circulation of blood. For men, better circulation of blood and stronger muscles mean higher control during erections and ejaculation.

The Technique Of Kegels

Looking at the immense advantages that it provides to both males and the females, Kegels is very less demanding in nature. All you have to do is to contract your lower abdominal muscles. You should contract the muscles used to hold back your urine. If you are not sure about which muscle to contract, try it out when to visit the toilet next time. You have to hold on to your contraction till you count three, then release slowly and relax. This is your first Kegel. You can start with about four sets of 10-20 repetitions and you can continue for as many times during the day as you want. You can slowly increase the holding time as you feel your pelvic muscles getting stronger and stronger. You can easily go up to ten seconds of holding your contraction. Avoid squeezing your buttocks during your kegel exercises pregnancy.

Exercise Anywhere Anytime!

Kegels is one of the easiest exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Moreover, interestingly you can do it anywhere anytime. You can do it while you are in your kitchen or watching a movie, working in your office, standing in a queue, etc. You can easily fit kegel exercises in your daily routine during pregnancy.

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