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Labor Nurse

So, you want to know more about me? Well, I'm a labor nurse - someone who doesn't care whether you've got unshaved legs or how mean you can get in pain! I've seen it all. Pooping, screaming, unwaxed bikini area - but who cares? When performing one of the most wonderful and toughest feats ordered by Mother Nature, you can be all natural.

Jobs Of A Labor Nurse

I'm actually a registered nurse who specializes in inpatient obstetrics. Here's what I do:

  • Offer top care to moms and their babies
  • Help them through labor and delivery
  • Assist them in recovery and examine fetal heart and contractions
  • And yes, clean up the mess!

This is what my job commands me to do. But I'm a human, and a woman. So, I perform certain other duties too, which my job doesn't tell me to do, but I do. It comes naturally to me.

  • I hold your hand when writhing in pain
  • I adjust with your whims, temperament, and family drama
  • I train your hubby to become the new dad and bond with the newborn
  • I cheer you up
  • In fact, I spend more time with you than your obstetrician does in the whole span of pregnancy.

So, ladies, you can consider me to be a best friend!

When Your Baby Needs Help To Come Out

Some babies are born stubborn, literally! They need a little help to come out. People say death is unpredictable. I say, birth is unpredictable too. Therefore, you need to have a flexible mind.

I've seen many ladies who are horrified at the mention of cervical examination. Although I'm an expert in my job and can assure that you won't feel pain, you need to co-operate with me. Otherwise, I can't be a good labor nurse. I know how you hate to have anything inside you at this time (your hubby knows this too!), but this is for your own good. It's not a picnic for me either. But, I need to confirm whether your cervical opening is enough, or what's gonna happen next - epidural or pushing.

And if I don't give the right information, you.ll blame me! So, at times, I need to be stubborn too, just like your baby! But, you.ll love me when I give you tips on how to reduce your pain during labor.

A Labor Nurse's Tips For A Smooth Delivery

Who doesn't want a smooth delivery? But for that, you need to listen to me.

  • Be active; don't just lie in bed the whole day.
  • Go take a walk or use our rocking chair or birthing ball.
  • Try labor dancing. Those moving big bellies look so cute!
  • Elevate your bed. With the help of your elbows, lean at it. Swing slowly by sticking out your butt.
  • Don't like all this? Well, hug your partner and gently sway. Love this? I knew it!

I know you can't wait to call me! I have many more tips to make you enjoy your pregnancy and delivery. Most labor nurses do!

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