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Labor Pain

It's said that the greatest pain that Mother Nature inflicts upon a human is during labor. Is that really true? Can Mother Nature be so merciless? Of course, not! To bring you closer to reality, busted 4 greatest myths of labor pain.

Myth #1

Labor pain is always unbearable.

This isn't true! Studies have shown that only around 20% of women experience awful labor. And around 20% of them experience an almost painless labor. The remaining women experience labor, which is neither horrible nor painless. Pain is triggered by a number of factors like emotional status, history of abortion or miscarriage, menstrual complications, negative attitude, first time pregnancy, ignorance in handling labor, younger age, indifference of partner, and others.

Myth #2

You need to have a natural tolerance to pain to endure labor.

Wrong! You don.t need to be gifted with a thick skin. You can develop one! There are many childbirth classes that teach women how to cope with labor pain. Your pain tolerance level depends more on your confidence and mental state of mind than anything else. If depressed and show a reluctant attitude to go through it all, or maybe think of it as, "Oh my God, why do I need to go through this!" you are more likely to feel pain. Be cheerful, learn deep breathing techniques, and more important - be ready to go through it. Remember, you can't escape from it. So, you better learn to cope. It.s like: 'When you can.t defeat them; join them!'

Myth #3

Medication is an absolute necessity to cope with labor pain.

No. Medication helps in handling those painful contractions, but they are NOT the ultimate solution. Medication with a reluctant and negative attitude won.t work. Moreover, medicines have their own side effects, which may add to your troubles. There are better ways to deal with pain than mediation. One of them is immersing in water. It works wonders! Making use of a doula reduces pain too. It also minimizes the need for using forceps and cesarean.

Myth #4

Homebirth is the most painful one.

This is absolutely wrong! In fact, planned homebirths have turned out to be the most relaxing experiences for a large number of women. First of all, they are surrounded with familiar faces and are in their own homely environment. Secondly, they get all the attention, as they are the only one in labor pain. This increases their confidence and motivation levels. When you are with your own people, you can handle any pain in the world, can't you? In hospitals, you are at the mercy of strange people who don't really care from the heart. They are simply doing their job. Besides, there are many other women like you, undergoing labor pain. So, you can.t expect undivided attention. Moreover, for some women, just the wacky smell of hospitals is a big turn off!

Now that you know the truth, it's time you changed your opinion on labor pain!

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