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Maternity body pillow -A Symbol Of Comfort And Care

Maternity body pillows and maternity air bags have changed the life of pregnant women. Now they can enjoy their pregnancy to the fullest without having to worry about pregnancy problems like back pain, discomfort, and others. Gone are the days (and nights )of tossing and turning in bed trying to search for a comfortable position. A maternity body pillow promises to give you refreshing sleep all night round.

Features Of Maternity Body Pillow

The maternity body pillow is an extraordinary gift for a mom-to-be, as you can use it in two ways: either as one complete unit in "U" shape, or by disassembling it into three pillows and using each. This unique feature of maternity body pillow allows it to be used after delivery too. The maternity body pillow has enough room for you to move your arms and legs while sleeping. You don't have to worry about body alignment either. A maternity body pillow is certainly the best pampering device you can have in bed during pregnancy!

Two In One

A maternity body pillow has dual use. During your pregnancy period, you can use it to pamper your body. After pregnancy, use it as a nursing pillow to pamper your baby! It supports your baby at the perfect height needed for feeding. You can also use it to hold your baby at the ideal distance from you while bottle feeding it or when you simply want to gaze into its lovely eyes!

The Pillow That Can Be Dissembled

In order to dissemble the maternity body pillow, you only have to unzip the pillowcase, which is "U" shaped, and out comes three pieces - one arched pillow and two bolsters. Perhaps this unique feature of maternity body pillow has made it one of the favorite maternity items of moms-to-be. And it is available at a reasonable rate too.

Taking Care Of Your Maternity Body Pillow

After dissembling the maternity body pillow, put the pillow parts into a standard size washer and dryer. The best quality maternity body pillow is the one that does not clump upon washing.

No Allergies

The maternity body pillow has an odorless and a clean filling of material that provides respite from dust and mites. Hence, there is no question of allergies.

Thus, a maternity body pillow is the perfect gift for an expecting mother. Go, get yourself this symbol of ultra comfort and care.

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