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Capture Your Pregnancy Moments In A Maternity Portrait

Your pregnancy is a magical time – one you’ll want to remember, even if you might not think so while you’re in the midst of it. Consider having a maternity portrait to help you remember the best moments of your pregnancy.

Your first step in getting a maternity portrait is choosing a photographer. First, schedule a meeting with a photographer who’s experienced with maternity portraits. They should be happy to show you a portfolio of their images and work with you to come up with some poses that you’d like to try. Discuss style, lighting, clothing, ambiance, and whether you want color or black and white photos, or both.

There are a few other questions you should ask. Will the photos be print only or will you have access to the digital versions? Do they offer packages and how much will you have to spend to get the prints you want? Is there a sitting fee or just the cost of the photographs themselves? How long would you have to place an order? Will you have all rights to the photographs? In other words, can the photographer use them in his portfolio, a show or for other uses? Above all, make sure that you feel comfortable with the photographer. Only when you’re happy with all of the above should you schedule your photography session.

One of the things you and the photographer – and you and your partner as well – will want to decide is when in your pregnancy you want to have your photographs taken. Obviously, you’ll want your pregnancy to be showing, so the first trimester is probably out. You want to celebrate your pregnancy, so consider what stage you want to celebrate. Do you want to celebrate a slightly rounding tummy with its promise of possibilities? Or do you want to celebrate your tummy near term, when you’re the very picture of impending motherhood? You may even want to schedule photographs at more than one time to capture the entire journey.

The current vogue in pregnancy photography is exposed tummies and, at times, full nudes. However, choose whatever style you’re most comfortable with. Your comfort and happiness are what matter most during the session, along with your satisfaction with the final results.

In a similar fashion, while you should trust your photographer to guide you and make suggestions, your photographer shouldn’t try to impose their artistic vision on you or push you to take photographs that you aren’t comfortable with. Remember, you’re the customer – you’re the one who should make the final call.

In addition, consider having photographs of yourself alone and together with your partner and with any other children you may have. If you are including children, you’ll want to have someone else come along with you to keep them occupied with toys and snacks. Some photo sessions can be long, especially if you’re doing several different poses. Be sure you bring a snack and bottle of water for yourself as well.

Finally, on the day before your photo session, make sure you get plenty of rest so that you look your best in the pictures. The last things you want to remember about your pregnancy are the dark circles under your eyes or your swollen ankles!

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