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Take Morning Sickness Medication Only When Absolutely Necessary

Morning sickness during the initial phases of pregnancy is very common among expectant mothers and it is necessary to take morning sickness medication in order to overcome this condition. There are many traditional methods of avoiding morning sickness but sometimes the severity of the condition demands the use of morning sickness medications in order to provide relief to the pregnant mother-to-be. However, care should be taken to use only those medicines that have the least medication side effects. However, you should try to read more about morning sickness medication in books, magazines and websites in order to gain more knowledge.

Traditional Morning Sickness Remedies

The following items are considered to be very effective morning sickness medication.

  1. Peppermint and Ginger Tea: The calming/relaxing scent of peppermint is very useful in soothing the stomach and if you don't have any aversion to it, you can take peppermint tea or candy as an effective nausea medication. It should, however, be taken before the nausea starts. Ginger tea is very useful as a medication for digestive and other stomach problems as it calms the stomach. You should drink ginger tea before the onset of nausea for getting relief from morning sickness.
  2. Saltines: For reducing the effects of morning sickness, eating saltines first thing in the morning before the nausea starts is very effective.
  3. Sprite: Sometimes morning sickness can be so severe that even water makes you sick. Sprite or 7-Up is a good substitute for water as it is mild and slightly sweet and it will help relieve nausea. Some women prefer flavored water and it is ideal for you to stay hydrated, which is very important for both the mother-to-be and the baby.
  4. Follow Your Cravings: You should eat what you feel like eating and this will relieve your morning sickness. However, you should avoid spicy and greasy food.

Doctor Prescribed Medications

Morning sickness medication as prescribed by the doctor should be used if your morning sickness condition becomes severe and you are not able to get relief by any other method. The common medications are:

  1. EmetrolŽ: This nausea medication is the only one that has been approved for being used during pregnancy. It soothes the stomach and it can be obtained over the counter.
  2. BendectinŽ: It was used in the 70s and 80s but its production has since been stopped. It contained Vitamin B6 and Doxylamine in equal proportions. UnisomT which contains Doxylamine in a higher dosage is available as an over the counter medication. Taking a combination of Vitamin B6 and UnisomT would be a good idea but you should consult your doctor to check up if it would be safe to take it.
  3. CompazineŽ and PhenerganŽ: These are prescription medications and should only be taken on proper medical advice but they are not considered very safe during pregnancy. ZofranŽ, which is used against nausea caused by chemotherapy, can be used but it is quite expensive.

If your morning sickness becomes very severe, high dehydration might follow necessitating admission to a hospital for a brief period so that intravenous fluids and anti-nausea medications can be administered. In any case, you must have sufficient confidence in yourself and you should remember that this is a temporary phase and that this too will pass sooner than later. You should just remember to take the morning sickness medication as and when you need it.

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