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Multiple Pregnancy - Joy Compounded

Sometimes we pray for something and we get nothing; and at other times, we pray for something and we get multiple benefits. It is the same in the case of multiple pregnancy, when you give birth to more than one baby. The classification of the twins is done in two ways. Either the twins can be identical or they are fraternal. Identical twins are absolutely the same in shape, color, DNA, and facial features whereas the fraternal twins are different in the above mentioned features. In addition, fraternal twins can have different sexes as well. The reason is that in the first case, the egg is fertilized first and then splits into two cells, as a result, we have identical cells and identical twins. In the second case, two different eggs are fertilized by two different sperms as a result they share the same uterus in growth but have different characteristics.

Symptoms For Multiple Pregnancy

Nearly all pregnant women experience morning sickness and fatigue in the early stage of pregnancy. The same symptoms appear in the case of multiple pregnancy, as well. Only in this case the symptoms become more acute and the mother becomes restless due to excessive fatigue. This is a multiple pregnancy symptom at an early stage. If you have had twins in your family earlier, than it is very possible that you will have twins in the future. This is because multiple pregnancy is hereditary. Therefore, if you are feeling excessively tired and frequently get a feeling of nausea then you could be carrying twins in your uterus.

If you have confirmed multiple pregnancy, it means that you will have to be ready to cope with double of everything. You need to have a double helping of food to feed two babies instead of one, you will be carrying double the weight as you have two babies, you will have to make your body stronger by exercise and nutritious intake of food else you may have stabs of back pain and aches in other parts of the body. It is advisable to take long rests and sleep well after a bout of activity. Do not compromise with your vitamin intake. Drink a lot of water. Remain in regular contact with your physical consultant or obstetrician and take their advice very seriously as most probably you will have a c- section as is often the case with calendar multiple pregnancy.

There are only two ways to have multiple pregnancy, either the mother ovulates multiple eggs or the fertilized egg splits into two and in the other case multiple pregnancy can result if you are taking infertility treatment. In the second case, again either your ovulation cycle is induced to produce more than one egg due to treatment or more than one egg is implanted so that at least one survives. In the case of twins, more than one egg survives to give birth to multiple babies.

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