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Multiple Births: Reasons For Growing Number And Advantages

Last twenty years have witnessed an exceptional increase in the number of multiple births in the USA. A study has been performed regarding the multiple birth pregnancies for the period between 1980 and 1997. According to this study growth in twin births is 52 % while there is 300 % growth in the number of births with more than two babies. Let us try to understand what are the reasons for this remarkable rise in the number of multiple pregnancies. Moreover, we will also talk about how to handle if you have to go through this kind of experience.

Reasons For Growing Number Of Multiple Pregnancies

Let us begin with the different factors that have a say in the growth of multiple births. Heredity is a big factor responsible for pregnancy twins. So, the women who belong to the family with the history of multiple births have more chances of experiencing it. Race is another factor that contributes to the possibility of multiple pregnancies. For example, African women have more chances of multiple birth rather than others.

If this is your first chance of becoming mother then chances are more that it will not be a multiple birth experience. However, if you have been pregnant more than once before this one then the possibility increases. Age is also a factor that affects the multiple births. It has been observed that there are few instances of multiple births in young mothers. So the delayed childbearing increases the likelihood of having more than one baby.

Some women take medicines for the treatment of infertility. These drugs may cause release of more than one egg from the ovary. Besides medicines, many other techniques are also used for treating the infertility. Assisted reproductive technology and vitro fertilizations are just few examples of treatments that may result in multiple births.

However, out of all these factors, getting pregnant in the older age and having infertility treatments are the two major factors.

Types Of Twins

You may also be eager to know some facts about the pregnancy twins. Twins can be classified in two categories. First one is monozygotic or identical twin while the other one is di zygotic or fraternal twins. The basic difference between the two is that in case of identical twins in egg Divides in to two halves while fraternal twins come from two different eggs.

Identical twins are indistinguishable from each other while the fraternal twins are just like any other siblings from the same parents. Identical twins are not only genetically identical but also have same physical characteristics and chromosomes. Color of eyes, hair, blood group and sex are also same in this case. On the other hand, fraternal twins may be of different sex. Between these two types of twins, fraternal twins are more common. Moreover, all above mentioned factors affect only this type of multiple births.

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