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Old Age Pregnancy - No Longer A Distant Dream

Doctors do not see any medical reasons to deny women older than 50 to have old age pregnancy. More and more women even after 50 are using the technological ladder to climb the stairs of pregnancy. According to Richard J. Paul, a study was conducted in the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, where women of middle age, (50 - 63) were put through the throes of pregnancy out of which about 40 % were able to deliver healthy babies. These women, who were post menopausal, were planted with eggs with the help of in vitro fertilization. This proves that there are two parts to the reproductive capacity of a woman. Firstly a woman remains fertile as long as the ovaries are producing the eggs, but even after that, when she has become infertile after menopause, she can still get pregnant with artificial insemination as the rest of the reproductive system of the woman still remains intact. In the second stage of this process, a woman will also need the hormones estrogen and progesterone as their natural production is reduced with the advent of old age and after menopause.

Some Related Issues Of Importance

Pregnancy after 50 years old is however accompanied with some complications. Like in most cases of old age pregnancy, births are completed with the help of cesarean operation as the body is not fit to go through the rigors of physical labor. Moreover, in about 20% of cases, the women develop gestational diabetes, which means that they develop diabetes after getting pregnant. In addition, about 35% of women who get pregnant after 50 develop blood pressure issues which is the direct result of pregnancy. Now this does not mean that these women will carry these ailments throughout their lives, with proper care they can lead healthy lives and remain fit as well.

There are a few other issues connected with emotions that need to be taken care of. Medical science has done its job well to the point that we can now think of having an old age pregnancy. But the important thing to understand is that you should decide to take the course of old age pregnancy only if you have no other option left. This is no child's game. You have to be very strong willed to think of having a baby at this stage and age. Remember, everybody else can only provide you support from the outside. You are the one who has to deal with all the morning sickness, back pain, sleeping on one side, and every other issue related with pregnancy. So be very sure in your mind before you decide to have a baby after going through menopause.

Moreover, please also remember that a lot of money will also be involved in old age pregnancy, so take a good look at your personal finances as your medical insurance will not be covering the expenses of child birth and the donor egg, which is going to be a very costly affair. Ensure you have adequate finance and chalk out all the expenses from the fee of your consultant in the beginning to the expenses at the hospital in the end so that you are on sure footing. Next, make sure you have other back up support at home to take care of your other children (if you have any) and your belongings as you could be leaving home at a moment's notice. You will also need support at home for the nine months you have to keep the baby growing inside your aging body.

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