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Know For Sure With Online Pregnancy Test

So you think you might be pregnant. Chances are you’re feeling a mix of emotions and you want to know whether or not you’re actually pregnant as quickly as possible. An online pregnancy test can be the first step in helping you assess your symptoms and help guide you on to proper treatment.

What is an online pregnancy test? Well, it’s actually done in the form of an online questionnaire. You’ll be asked to provide information about the date of your last menstrual period, the average length of your menstrual cycle, and when you think you may have conceived.  What type of birth control you were using – if any – and whether or not you’re experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy will also be taken into consideration. As a default, the test assumes that you and your partner have no known fertility issues that would affect your ability to get pregnant.

The online test uses your answers to these questions to perform mathematical calculations which determine the probability, or likelihood, that you’re pregnant. Best of all, the test takes only a few seconds to complete. Some tests are completely anonymous, while others ask for your email address. In addition, some online pregnancy test sites provide links to other information you might find helpful.

But why would you choose an online pregnancy test? If you want a quick answer, there’s nothing faster than an online pregnancy test. The test can be taken in the privacy of your own home, at any time of the day or night and most of the tests are free to complete.  An online pregnancy test can help you look at your situation more objectively. In addition, it’s totally anonymous – there are no materials to dispose of and a quick deletion of your Internet search history will remove all evidence that you even took the test. But remember, there’s no substitute for a visit to your doctor—no computer can tell you for sure and you should never base your health care decisions on what you see on the screen.

On the other hand, if you want a more objective answer, you need an actual pregnancy test. Most home pregnancy tests give results in only a few minutes, and can be used at most any time of day or night, although first thing in the morning is usually recommended. Commercial pregnancy tests are readily available and vary in cost – typically, you can purchase a pregnancy test to use at home for between $10-20. If you have health insurance, the cost of a pregnancy test is usually covered, and some women's health care centers, family planning centers, and health departments may offer tests for free or at a reduced cost.

A commercial pregnancy test provides the ultimate in objectivity, but you do give up a little bit of your privacy. You’ll have materials that need to be discarded, and you’ll need a place to keep the test itself while you’re waiting for the results. 

So should you use an online pregnancy test? If you think you might be pregnant and you’re more interested in guidance than definitive answers, an online test can be a good choice. In addition, if you don’t know what kinds of symptoms to expect, an online pregnancy test can help you pick up on symptoms you aren’t aware of that may be indicative of pregnancy. Or if it’s shortly after your missed period and you want to wait a little longer before purchasing a commercial test, an online test can help you to determine the odds of whether or not you’re pregnant.

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