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Petite Maternity Clothes

If you’re a petite woman, you’re probably all too familiar with the problem of finding clothing that flatters, but doesn’t overwhelm, your petite frame. And if you're pregnant, the challenge may seem even greater. But don’t worry, there's good news – you can now buy maternity clothing made especially for petite women!

The most important thing to consider when you’re buying maternity clothing as a petite woman is that you need clothing that fits you well and doesn’t overwhelm you. In many ways, the new trend toward showing off your baby bump is perfect for you. More and more maternity clothes are fitted which will look great on you petite frame. The new trend toward bohemian maternity style also works well with a petite figure.

You may find that during your early months there are a number of items you already own that will work for you. In addition, several manufacturers offer a product that’s essentially a tube of stretchy material that can help your current clothes fit a little longer. These products also come in handy during the period when you’re transitioning out of maternity clothing and back into your regular clothes post-delivery. Many women also find that these “Tummy Tubes” are wonderfully supportive for their tummies as they continue to grow.

When choosing maternity clothing, look for fitted shapes rather than over sized garments. Clothing that’s fitted will give you a longer silhouette, while choosing a monochromatic color scheme can make you look taller. Look for a good fit in the shoulders and a neckline that’s attractive on you. Wide necklines – such as boat necklines – help add width to your shoulders and balance your tummy. Avoid lots of ruffles, which can make you look child-like, rather than with-child-like. Dresses and tops that have an empire waist which features a large band are another good choice for petite pregnant women, and a shrug or a wide stretchy belt can help add definition to your outfit.

You should also look for clothing made from knits. Knit clothing will drape across your figure, flowing nicely with your new curves.

If you like the look of oversize tops, pair them with fitted clothing on the bottom, such as leggings, or fitted capri pants. Jeans are a classic choice. Look for a pair of slim or boot cut jeans, and avoid jeans with legs that are wide. Avoid large prints – they’ll overwhelm you. Also avoid over-sized accessories, as these may look disproportionate on your small frame.

In addition, a number of maternity stores sell clothing in small sizes, even size 0. Spend some time shopping online to familiarize yourself with what some of the various companies offer. For example, Japanese Weekend has maternity clothing in both small and extra small sizes – sizes 2 and 0 respectively. Their jersey drape dress is a good choice for petite women. Bella Blu Maternity also offers a number of styles designed especially for petite women. If you need a dress for evening, consider one of their longer, full length styles – surprisingly, these can make you look taller than a shorter dress.

However, your best tool for choosing flattering petite maternity clothing is your own good taste and experience choosing flattering clothing – along with a full length mirror. With a little patience and trial and error, you’re sure to find clothing that makes you look as wonderful as you feel.

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