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Picture of Stage of Pregnancy - Keeping Memories Fresh Forever

There are many reasons to preserve a picture of stage of pregnancy. Each stage of pregnancy is special, and marks a milestone in your journey towards parenthood. Getting a picture of stage of pregnancy during various stages of pregnancy is one of the best ways to preserve your memories for all eternity. Later, when your child asks, you can share these special memories.

Special Memories

Each baby stage during pregnancy marks a new development- the growth of a limb or organ, weight gain, increase in size, development of the senses. Each picture of stage of pregnancy helps preserve those memories, and can be put down in your pregnancy journal, or be saved along with your pregnancy weekly report. Getting picture of stage of pregnancy also encourages parents to be to read more about different stage of pregnancy, and seek information on baby stage during pregnancy.

Pictures: Mother And Baby

Each stage of pregnancy development is unique, and you can save them by either taking pictures of the mother's body as it changes, or through ultrasounds of different stages of development of the baby. In general, a picture of stage of pregnancy as the mother's body changes is better, less expensive, and does not involve invasive methods. The risk to the baby is minimal, and the experience is enjoyable as well, something to take the mother's mind off the difficulties of childbirth and pregnancy.

Charting Developmental Milestones

Each picture of stage of pregnancy tells its own story of milestones crossed and hurdles overcome. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, preserving picture of stage of pregnancy helps you remember those times later, and revel in impending parenthood once more. Each pregnancy trimester has its own milestones, and

1) Picture of First Trimester

First trimester pregnancy can be difficult for most women. Though it is an exciting time, and you are filled with happiness at the thought of your coming child, it can also mean nausea, tiredness, dizziness, and other problems. Its marks the pregnancy 7 weeks. Breasts become tender, and grow larger, though the tell tale belly bulge is hardly visible in the first stage of pregnancy.

2) Picture of Second Trimester

Second trimester pregnancy is the best stage of pregnancy according to many mothers. Pregnancy week 16 is one of the major milestones in the second stage of pregnancy. This is when the belly becomes noticeably larger. The mother to be feels her energy levels returning to normal. This is a special period to get a picture of stage of pregnancy, since you can feel the movements of the baby for the first time.

3) Picture of Third Trimester

Third trimester pregnancy marks the last stage of pregnancy. At the third stage of pregnancy, the belly becomes very large. The breasts become heavier, and secrete colostrum. Your pregnancy weekly examination at the doctor may become as frequent as once every 15 days, rather than each month. Pregnancy week 35 is one of the major milestones at this pregnancy stage.

Getting picture of stage of pregnancy alone or with your partner helps you keep your memories fresh. It helps you chart the pregnancy wheel, and keep track of the pregnancy due date. The pregnancy due date calculator is also used to chart pregnancy week and file the picture of stage of pregnancy in proper order. More than anything, getting a picture of stage of pregnancy helps you understand the miracle of birth, and accept the changes your body goes though during this period.

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