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Treasure Your Pictures Of Pregnancy

Treasure the Pictures from Your Pregnancy

The nine months you spend pregnant is a time you think you’ll never forget, but all too quickly, your memories will begin to fade. The best way to remember your pregnancy is to make a permanent photographic record of your pregnancy. Trust us – these will be pictures you’ll treasure for the years to come.

Keeping a record of your growing tummy is a wonderful treasure for the future. The best way to track the changes is to take a picture of yourself standing in the same place, at the same time of day, at least once each week. If you can arrange to wear the same clothing, that's great. Be sure to wear tight fitting clothing or smooth your clothing against your stomach. You may want to take photographs daily near the end of your pregnancy as the appearance of your stomach may vary considerably as you get closer to your due date. It’s far better to take more photographs than you need than wish you had taken more!

You should also consider having professional photographs taken in your last trimester. Professional photographers are now producing beautiful shots of pregnant women, whether you want something that shows off your sexy bounty or something a little more reserved. You might want to take nude photographs or have only your tummy bare. You might also prefer to be draped in something translucent or something opaque. In these days of digital photography, there’s no reason not to take lots and lots of shots of yourself to find the one you like the best.

And try to involve your partner in the photography process – either in setting up the photographs or as a participant. After all, this is a special time for both of you and the happy anticipation you’re feeling will show in both your faces. Classic photograph poses include having your partner stand behind you with his hands on your stomach or having him kneel in front of you cradling your stomach.

If you have other children, be sure to include them in the photographs as well. A small hand on an expectant stomach makes for a very poignant photograph!

Also consider taking some photographs of yourself in profile using black and white. Black and white allows you to focus on the shapes and lines in the finished photograph. These photographs can be quite striking – just be sure to use a simple background for maximum impact.

You should also make sure to get photographs at your baby showers. You’ll definitely want to remember all the fun you had and photographs are a great way to do this.

Other pregnancy pictures that you’ll treasure forever are the ultrasound pictures you have of your baby before he or she is born. You might want to frame a triptych with an ultrasound photo on the left, a picture of you pregnant in the center and a picture of your newborn on the right – this will make a very special decoration you can hang in the baby’s nursery.

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