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Planned Pregnancy Is Good For You And Your Baby - Things To Consider While Planning Pregnancy

Many people who are planning pregnancy and desire to have a healthy baby consider a talk with a health care practitioner and read books to guide them through each and every stage of preparing, conceiving and delivering their child. A visit to a physician can help identify ways you can improve your chances of getting pregnant and how you can avoid things that have a detrimental effect on pregnancy. Several things are taken into account while planning pregnancy such as the age, health, medical conditions if any, family history, vaccinations, exercise, abstinence from harmful substances and past pregnancy history etc. of the parents. When pregnancy planning is adopted the parents increase the chances of having a normal, healthy baby.

Pre Planning Your Pregnancy

Conception planning can be your insurance against things going wrong during pregnancy. When you have decided to create a new life, it is your responsibility to make sure that you give the child the best chance to have a normal, healthy and happy life. This begins from the pregnancy pre planning stage by having a physical examination to ensure that you are healthy and fit to have a baby. Eating a well balanced and nutritious diet that is rich in fiber, vitamins and folic acid and taking additional supplements that may be recommended by your physician will help get your body ready for the intense demands of pregnancy and childbirth. Emphasis is placed on staying fit mentally and physically while planning pregnancy and during child birth. A regular exercise regime and abstaining from vices [smoking, drinking, and drugs] and over-the-counter medication are crucial too.

There are several tools available to help you get pregnant when you want to such as a pregnancy planning calendar. Consult your physician especially if you are planning for second pregnancy and you had complications during the first pregnancy. Be sure that you are physically fit as inter pregnancy weight gain can lead to complications during the second pregnancy. Maintaining the right body mass index and trying relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation are said to have a positive effect.

Another factor that has to be considered while planning pregnancy is financial planning. Many people get caught up with the idea of a child and get a shock when they see the pile of mounting bills. This can cause friction and tension between the couple which may have adverse complications such as hypertension in the mother. The regular visits to the physician, hospital bills, the shopping for baby products which can be a seemingly never ending list, making provisions for the baby in the house such as a crib, a bed, a baby seat etc. are all there in your list of things to do. Let's face it, babies are expensive, but if you plan carefully and take care of finances such as arranging for a health insurance, the process of pregnancy and child birth may be much more affordable. Pay checks from your employer usually stop 6 weeks after the birth of your child, so it will help if you start cutting down unnecessary expenditure and start saving.

Pre pregnancy planning is a must as many people are not aware how important it is. If you plan your pregnancy and are careful you may not end up taking medication that may cause complications in the event that you were pregnant and unaware of it.

If you are planning pregnancy be sure that you seek professional advice as well as read books that provide positive guidance. Try and establish a better and stronger relationship with your partner as pregnancy and childbirth may add a strain to your relationship with your partner. But if you understand and empathize with each other, you could be each other's biggest support. Thus planning pregnancy has many advantages.

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